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K20-EG understeer?

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For those of you that road race and have K20 EG's, have you noticed severe plowing problems when going through turns? I did. I noticed I have way more understeer than compared to when my B-series engine was in.

I attended the recent Redline Event open track day this past mother's day at Buttonwillow. First time I've been to the track since the K install. I spent most of my time trying to get my suspension to feel right. Currently running ITR fr/rr sway bars and TEIN RS sus. It didn't dawn on me to try and unhook the front ITR swaybar to see how that would handle. The rear end wouldn't rotate like I wanted it to almost not matter what configuration I setup the front or rear. I had excessive plowage when hitting turns, not to mention traction problems..haha from the K torque ouput which was rather neato.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and for any suggestions...
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In case Rubber Chicken wasn't clear on this point, are you describing on-throttle understeer, or off-throttle understeer such as when you turn in? You should have (at least) equivalent or better handling off-throttle at turn in with your K. If not, you have a setup problem. If the problem is on-throttle, it's driver induced and you need to modulate your throttle input.

brian g
katman said:
Btw Brian, are the rumors true about you guys releasing an updated EG K20 bolt-in kit that raises the motor up more??

No concrete plans. If we do we would make dual holes like we did on the EKK2 to kit. The DC has even more head room for a raised egine than the EG.

brian g
K2e2vin said:
Well the question was directed at anyone who has experienced this understeer issue. I run my car on mainly bad roads, so wouldnt the torque cause a lot more noticeable understeer during the turns?
Im used to driving the D15B and B16A, which has way less torque than the K20A and the gearing doesnt increase the torque as much as the K20A transmission. I like cars that are easy to drive. Wouldnt the K20A's higher torque output make it "harder" to drive?
It's not actually a question of harder to drive, it's a question of getting used to how much throttle to use. The amount of torque is determined by how hard you press your foot down.

brian g
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