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k20 EG questions

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I'm in the process of saving money for a k20a into my EG. I wont do it if I cant bar it so I'm trying to find every possible way I can do this.

I heard that you can use the '04 Accord Exhaust Manifold... is this true? Also, I want to completely change the car to OBD-II ( just because I'm a pain in the ass and I like to do things the hard way) Is anyone able to take the immobilizer off the type s ecu?

any help is appreciated. :)

oh... and can I use the stock airbox or what?
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no one knows?
Okay, I pretty muched narrowed down the BAR k20 swap to a couple things.

1. FPR ( I dont know if this would pass, anyone know of a carb legal FPR? lol.
2. Fuel Rail - would the AEM rail pass?
3. Immobilizer - still cant figure this one out yet.
brian g said:
correll said:
no one knows?
Passing BAR would be difficult because of the fuel vapor recovery system present in the 2001 up Hondas. You should talk to a ref before starting yor project.

brian g

I wonder if I could just mate the whole RSX fuel system to an eg? :lol:
I might be crazy.

I want to mate the RSX fuel system to my EG.

What do I need besides the fuel rail, fuel filter, tank, pump... ?
K20DC2R said:
i talked to a ref and after talkin to him the only prob i see is the fuel system..( if you have an obdII car )... its way easier to bar the car if the car is obdII if not then its going to be even harder..... the ecm has to be a us ecm so for k20a/k20a2 us type s ecu is needed.....immob is the next cant just remove it b/c it causes a check engine light....i found some loops holes so ill let you know how it goes! ( fingers crossed ) oh yeah the only way as for the intake is using an intake for the car the motor came out an aem or injen aftermarket carb legal intake and also as for the header......cant use a dc sports tsx header b/c the carb number on the header has to match the motor..( and they check ).unless your using a k24 outta tsx..
thanks for the help! I was thinking about converting the car to OBD-II anyway ( for shits and giggles ) I heard that you can use the '04 Accord Exhaust Manifold. The fuel system is what I'm really stuck on right now. If you can PM me with information about the immobilizer.. that'd be great :D


btw.. I heard you can use the AEM intake for the RSX.. all you have to do is cut it a little where the intake meets the filter.
91integ said:
The Hondata K-Pro takes care of the immbolizer if im correct. Not for sure but I remember reading this.
You cannot use the Hondata K-Pro to get BAR'd. You must use the USA RSX Type S ECU.
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