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K20 EG/DC Mounts, Valvecover w/ Catchcan, Exedy 3 Puck Clutch,

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Hi, got a few left overs parts fs from my EG K20 Swap.
Got a few more I got to take pics of like charge harness & karcepts shifter plate. But here is the rest

Fullrace Turbo Manifold - 800$ OBO + Shipping & Paypal Fees **SOLD**

Powder Coated Spoon Yellow Valve cover & Catchcan - 150$OBO + Shipping & Paypal Fees

Innovative EG/DC K20 Mounts 250$ OBO + Shipping & Paypal Fees **SOLD**

Exedy 6Puck Clutch w/ OEM Flywheel and Exedy Pressure Plate 300$ OBO + Shipping & Paypal Fees

02-04 Type S Harness 150$

any questions please text me 925-348-6558


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Sold Turbo manifold to jonezy.

Lol, one post and I buy a turbo manifold! What have I done
1 - 2 of 16 Posts