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k20 del sol??

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I want to put a k20a into a delsol, how hard is that going to be. it should use the same mounts as a civic and it should fit because you can put a h22 in a delsol and a k-series is smaller than a h-series motor. Would a k20a be a better swap than a turbo b20/vtec?? any info would be much appreciated.
Thanks to all this forum rules
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wow rich you get the epic back from the dead post of the year award lol...
its cool man.... lol... it was on the first or second page lol... wayyy back when.. hell around that time nikos said that by 2006-2007 a sleeved 2.7L would be in the 850-1000 whp range....
:lmao: I see what you are doing.

Information, del sol engine bay is the same as an eg civic. :up:
What would we be doing without this thread. Pure gold.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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