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K20/24 low idle oil pressure EDIT: Possible MAP/TPS sensor?

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this car only races, doesn’t get driven on the streets

K24a2 tsx block, k20a2 head, DC 3.2 cams w/Supertech head package

Oil: Valvoline VR1 20w50

Fuel: X85

It is a fresh build and on a cold start it’ll idle around 30-40 psi (have AEM Xseries gauge) but after running it, and getting it warmed up, the pressure drops to 15-20psi when idling at 1,000rpm. When I get back on the throttle it rises back up to normal 70-80psi (ish). Any guesses? Normal? Suggestions?
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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sound normal(ish) to me with larger bearing clearances. What oil temperatures are we talking about?
you need to data log. It will show if VTP signal drops or the ECU loses the VSS signal. Both would trigger lower rev limits.
Same for TPS or MAP issues.
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IACV may need to get cleaned. They need this at least once a year.
You can also increase IACV sensitivity in Kpro.
Hook Kpro to laptop and run while logging.
Kpro v4 has integrated memory for logging, not a lot but set a 5Hz or so, it should be good for an hour or so.
VSS sensor can be deactivated in KPro.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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