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K swap into let's say EG! Hardest part of swap?

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For those of you who have tackled this swap before. What is the hardest part when dropping a K20 into an EG? Cutting the firewall for the shift linkage? The Hasport wire harnesses are all plug-n-play, right? No wiring vtec?

Looking to tackle this swap in the near future....

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I dunno about you guys but the K-series/EG swap gives me chub for two reasons:

1) Power
2) 6-Speed :dance:
98specR said:
imo, i would have to say the hardest part about the swap is convincing your significant other to let you do the swap instead of paying off your $10,000 credit card bill. :up: :D
lmfao, True THAT one!

And I agree that the hardest part about ANY swap is getting all the parts amassed.. and convincing your buddies to drink the beer AFTER you've done some work ;-)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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