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im about to start a k series conversion in the UK into an EG5 (UKDM Civic ESi).

Before i start, i realise that things get a little lost in translation between the US and the UK! So i might cal a component one thing which you people in the US call something else! :eek:

Is there such an engine as a JDM K24? I will be getting my k series engine from Japan (Either a DC5R or EP3R if K20). SInce the dimension are the same as is the weight between K20 and K24, i might as well get the more powerful/torquier engine!!

Next, ill be using the hasport mounts and the hasport harnesses and the hasport axles. Which hubs do i use with these axles (by hubs, i mean the bit that the brakes and wheels mount to!) Do i just use my stndard EG hubs or will i have to run EP3/DC5R hubs?

Will this conversion involve much welding as im not that good at welding! Also ive never ever done an engine swap in my life!

Ive been told that the mounts are pretty much bolt in. Is this true?

Will it be ok for me to use a OEM K20 ECU for the conversion.

Is there any other advice anyone has?



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with the hasports axles, you can just use the stock civic hubs

the only welding that you "might" need to do it relocating the radiator brackets. (i didnt weld a single bit when doing teh swap, i simply bolt on the brackets)

hasports mounts = 100% bolt on

oem will only be ok if the ecu doenst come with immobilizer

good luck
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