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K-series swap guide part 1 for Eg and Dc chassis. Pictures Courtesy Joe D @ truerace and Milton of Holeshot perf.

This is the first part of the installation guide for EG/Dc chassis.

First step: Remove the B or D series engine and trans. Also remove the following: Shift linkage, rear engine mount, battery tray, radiator, clutch slave cylinder misc brackets and the full length of hardline for the clutch needs to be removed completely. The wiring plug brackets from the existing car harness needs to be removed.

Step 2: Engine compartment preparation.
In order for the K-series engine to fit the existing trans bracket needs to be removed. A sawzall or a 5 inch die grinder makes works just fine . The existing condensor brackets on the lower subframe also need to be removed. The radiator will be relocated here

Step3: The plugs for the stock engine harness neeed to be pushed back through the fire wall and secured under dash. Do not cut these plugs out.

Step 4: K20a engine preparation and bracket install.
Fasten rear bracket mount bracket to subframe.

*K20 engine must be stripped of all unnecessary brackets, ps pump, and Ac compressor. (Pic coming soon)

Step 5: Engine installation
Use the 2 spacers (supplied) that are alike use 2x 1/2 inch spacers to space out the tranny bracket on the back side of the tranny near the crossmember *not the driver side tranny mount* (pics coming soon)
Lower the engine down into the engine compartment and line up the rear tranny mount with the bracket on the rear crossmember. Secure this in place. Raise and lower the hoist accordingly and install the timing chain mount to the tow hook position on the passenger side. Next step install driverside tranny bracket. Bolt in the timing chain side mounts ...Small and large mounts loosely ...
Each spot to bolt to the tranny in this area has a slightly different height (on the driver side tranny bracket)...use the spacers to work in each of these spots * note both spacers will be used in the holes closest to each other only. The hole on the far end bolts directly to the tranny with no spacer.Install the small mount on the timing chain side. Everything at this point should be finger tight . Cross tighten everything down.

To be cont...
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