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K-series Swap FAQ

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Q: anyone know if the k20 type-r would pass smog?
A: Yes ..the k-series engines are very clean running engines. It will pass emmissions with flying colors. The visual inspection could go either way. Some smog techs see an Fpr on the motor and its an automatic fail.

Q: How much harder is this swap compared to a B series swap into an EG/Ek/Dc
A: Its a challenge and everythings backwards.

Q: How can we get around the immobilizer for k20a2 swaps
A: I now stock Prc and Prd ecus *type R, Ctr* for the time being. I'm happy to report my reflash r&d is just about finished

Q:What type of re-wiring will have to be done
A: Very little. The pnp harness covers 99%.

Q:What type of axles cores are required?
A: RSX or GSR cores

Q:What shift linkage

Q: but how hard is it to wire up a RSX cluster into a eg/dc/ek/ef if you do a K20 into there?
A: You can use this cluster with any car 92 and up K20swap optional. I'll post my full writeup on the DIY RSX/ep3 Cluster swap after the swap guide is done :)

Q: Is it necessary to use the RSX gauge cluster or can a DC2 gauge cluster be wired for all neccessary things to work?
A: Our harness was designed to work with any cluster retrofitted from another vehicle.

Q: I was wondering about the shifter install on the EK's, ive seen pics of the area 51 swap, and the shifter looks rediculously high.
A: Yes the Rsx shifter is tall. I took about 2.5 inches out of mine and works great.

Q: i hear that mounts maybe made in the future for the EF chassis for the crx. Wouldn't those same mounts work for the 88-91 hatchback as well?
A: Yes…and civic wagon all the same engine compartment

Q: What do I need to keep AC/powersteering with my swap?
A: The A/c operation is a bit involved but not impossible. The high and low pressure lines need to be sized and fitted with the Rsx ends going to the compressor. The a/c wiring needs to be extended to reach the compressor.
A: Custom length hoses Pressure and return and bulk return hose cut to fit . The pressure hose needs to be fitted with the RSX hose end on power steering pump side. The fluid reservoir needs to be relocated closest to the power steering pump

Q:Will the K20 have any clearance issues with the ground OR hood in a 92-95 civic hatch?
A: The Oil pan does hang a bit on the low side. Comparable to an H22 swap.

Q:Any differences with sensors, plugs, EVAP, etc between the JDM and USDM motors that would cause difficulty in using a USDM harness with a JDM engine?
A: I tried them both ways. Using the Rsx-s harness on a K-20a (Type R) you need to run a Vtec oil pressure switch.

Q:Who makes a turbo manifold for the k20?
A: We are currently working on a prototype equal length turbo manifolds for K-series hybrids

Q: When are your ITB’s going to be released?
A: mid may early june

Q: how difficult is this swap to do yourself?
A: I say on a scale of 1-10 ....this swap is solid 7. It is very time consuming and requires lots of patience.
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