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New to the site, been on and around here looking at stuff but never signed up, for years with Honda-tech in the past but on a new build now.

I posted in the wiring forum and got zero replies so I'm going to try it here and see if anyone has ever run a vss on a VW trans with K-Pro or some other trans?? any ideas?

K24a (JDM) stock longblock
close ratio built 002 vw trans
Sandrail as chassis
Kennedy adapter plate, clutch etc

for wiring I'm going to run the Rywire Mil-spec standalone (race) chassis adapter for K-Series (seems like the easiest way and cleanest)

Just have a question about the VSS since the vw ones typically run off the wheel and not the trans will I be ok running all motor with no VSS on the kpro?

Also does anyone know of a way to run a vss? I've seen some aftermarket sensors that attach to the CV and it reads that way each time it spins a sensor reads it. its 16 pulse? is that compatible with Kpro?

Still trying to figure out what to do about the header. maybe use an aftermarket and just have it turn to the back. or cut the collector part and turn it and weld it. Or maybe just make my own.
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