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K series obx 1st and 2 straight cut gears

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Do anybody use these and are the good ?has any one had an issue
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there were two people on this board who I know we're running them no issue but I forgot who they were . I do remember they raved about them .
Not to rain on your parade, but actually, Gear-X don't have a short ratio 1-6 gearset; they have a close ratio 1-6 gear set. Their 1st-4th are actually longer than the oem gears. We've now discontinued those particular ratios and are on clearance due to the new short ratio gear set we have available. Gear-X, afaik, are still offering those ratios though.

Gear-X did not copy MF, and MF did not copy Gear-X. Both companies have their own unique product range and, although ratios etc can overlap (e.g homologation etc), manufacturing processes are vastly different. What the customer chooses at the end of the day comes down to personal preference and support, but BOTH companies are at the top of their game in the aftermarket Honda transmission market. Anyways, the point is moot, as we've long since stopped compared each others products etc, and would appreciate both of you (WDR and Ferreira) to stop spreading this crap around.

As for the tooth profile, the OBX ones are nothing like the Gear-X tooth profiles, as OBX took the PPG's and copied them, just like how OBX have now taken the Wavetrac, copied it, and selling it as their new upgraded LSD.

that ought to clear things up a bit
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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