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K series cranks=weak?

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A friend of mine was at the nopi race in dallas with his all motor car and noticed Norris(K powered insight) broke often.He mentioned that it was crank realted and that the crank was twisting with that much rpm.Im not sure as too how much truth is in this,as I have been working with K motors since 2002 and they seem to be much stouter in every area than the B engines.But also mentioned to me about about the crank skunk was running and that they rarely ever break.
Question is,are the K series crank weak when it comes to high rpm?Ive never taken one that high with as much power as Norris put's out.
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Good lord! I believe you are right. I feel sorry for anyone that would have to sit behind you. But back to the subject. I believe people are not looking at the facts here. If you hear of K cranks being "weak", then it would've happened to many k motors. These guys are pushing the envelop on these motors and something has to break. Now if there were plenty of cases where k-cranks would break under lightly boosted cars, then maybe but a lot of guys are pushing it past 9-10 psi and this is even on stock rods....I feel sorry for the rods...poor little twigs...hehe

Honda cranks are strong enough. If it was weak, there would be plenty of aftermarket companies trying to get into the crank biz.
Couldn't have said it better. I'm sure since a lot of information is out now about the oiling system, there will be plenty that will implement it and we'll start seeing 9000+ rpms on street cars.....I love the "k"...
BG Enjoi said:
Just out of curiosity.. What hp levels is the insight pushing?

- Dan

If you're talking about Norris's insight, then I'm sure it's pushing in the low-mid 300 range. Most all-motor vehicles are pushing around that hp level to hit those 10's and 9's.
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