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K-Pro downloadable files...

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....where can I find them? I'm looking for different tunes that others have used for their K-Pro. I know there was a thread on this site pointing to another site that hosted the maps.

I've used the search function and cannot find it. I've got about two maps that I've tried out (tuned for daily driving, but with a low to mid range "giddyup"). I want to make/find another tune that will maximize fuel efficiency; while having another tune for top end performance for the 1/4.

Anyone care to help, or want to share files?
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As always, you're a great help in not only setting up this community but for sharing the wealth of info you've got stockpiled.

Can I suggest that we start creating and saving our own library of tunes for both boosted, juiced, and NA swaps?

I'm sure their tunes richen up the power band down low and at the top end seeing that they are driving cars that weigh in like an elephant ;) as compared to our EG's, EK's, and DC's. Getting more very low end torque isn't a priority to me...I'm already having traction issues with a "close to OEM" fuel map.

I do want to broaden power (and maybe run a little leaner from 3000 rpm to 6500 rpm). From the few tunes I've seen the CRSX guys are using, they are just tuning for launch and top end runs.
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