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a few questions. Ive talked to hondata a few times, i just wanted to see what other users are having happen.

my K-pro keeps losing connectivity to the ECU while driving,

the engine is limited to aroud 3k rpm, the ECU cuts fuel to the injectors at about 3k or so

i have an ECT high voltage error code and IACV error code ( i dont have an IACV installed)

most everyhting else seems to be operating properly, i have NGK IR Iridium resistored plugs heat range 6 it looks like

the car idles ok, then sometimes it doesnt, hunting up and down like a b-series with a bad cold start valve does. much much faster hunting though almost like a rev limiter.

lemme know what if anyone else has had problems
im posting this into the swap section too its in an EG
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