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Corbeau Forza Seats
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
K20A2 Oil Pan
Bosch 1600cc Injectors
Golden Eagle Fuel Rail
Custom 3" EG Hatchback Exhaust
Excessive IM and 75mm Edelbrock TB
Karcepts A/C & P/S Removal Kit
WELD Magnums Front
K24 Crank Pulleys
RLZ Stage 3 B-Series Cams
K24A2 Water Pump and Housing
Jojo EG All Motor Front End
Summit Fuel Pressure Gauge
K20A2 Oil Pump and Chain
Skunk2 Front Control Arms
Full Race EG/EK/DC ProStreet Traction bars
2 Rota Slipstreams with BFG Drag Radials
TSX K24A2 Oil Pan
DTR/SSR K24 4-1 Header w/Megaphone
K20A2 IAT Sensor
RSX Type S Halfshaft
JDM ITR Valvecover
K20A2 Alternator
K20A2 Starter
Weld Magnum Wheels and Slicks
K24 CRV Timing Chain Mount
EG Civic gauge pod with voltmeter and oil pressure
OEM K20A2 Injectors
Omnipower Drag Coilovers EG/DC
Hondata IMG
Brand New Civic SI EP3 Throttle Cable
K20A2 Knock Sensor
Brand New RSX Type S Throwout Bearing
K20A2 TDC Cam Sensors
K24A2 TDC Cam Sensors
Brian Crower Stage Cams and Valvetrain K20A2/Z3
K20A2 Water Neck
K20A2 Map Sensor
K20A2 Coil Packs
EG Front Knuckles with Circuitworx Hubs
EG Civic Custom Cluster
K20A2 Clutch Slave Cylinder
99-00 Civic SI Radiator
Weldon FPR
K20A2 Timing Chain Side Engine Mount
K24A2 Water Pump Housing
GE Head Studs
Aeromotive Fuel Sample Valve
New K24 Timing Chain
K20A2 Thermostat Housing
Lucas 440cc High Impedance B,D,H Injectors
Type S shifter box, cables, and Karcepts kit

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damn let me see what i can come up with for that intake mani setup. if you would consider parting the tb from it that would be great.:up:
I wanna keep it as a package right now, If I decide to separate it down the line, ill let ya know.

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did you get my payment teggie? regulator sold to me. i think , lol.
Yea, I got your payment. I have the box in my car, Im gonna drop it off later today.

does the intake manifold fit under an eg cf hood? pm me please
It fit under my stock EG metal hood. I don't see why it wouldn't fit under a CF hood.

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Re: K Parts, BC Cams, 3" Exhaust, Excessive IM, Injectors, GE Fuel Rail, AND MORE

Bump, I added more parts

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how is the manifold for power does it just have crazy top end or does it still have some mid range power? I am looking for a new mani but the runners seem real short on the xcessive manifolds.
I never dynoed the car with the mani on. I was told to use it by my engine builder and the motor was going into a drag car.
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