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This might help you. I don't have the break down for a k24 or ep3 crank pulley though.

you can give a general guide but psi will vary with altitude, humidity and exhaust restrictions. but a good reference would look something like this,

bp=blower pulley
a2 cp=crank pulley from 02-04 type s
z1 cp=crank pulley from 05-06 type s

bp l a2 cp l z1 cp
4.0" l 5 PSI l 4 PSI
3.8" l 6 PSI l 5 PSI
3.4" l 7 PSI l 6 PSI
3.2" l 9 PSI l 7 PSI
3.0" l11 PSI l 9 PSI
2.8" l13 PSIl 11 PSI
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