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I just bought a ep3 jackson racing supercharger and I am putting on my k20a2 in a eg coupe.
1. I live in California and the kit didn't come with a CARB sticker, does anybody know where I can get one from?

2. Does anybody know a thread on this forum on how to install a jrsc kit?

Any help will be appreciated!!! Thanks guys!
If it's the regular street one you can call JRSC and they'll send you one.They guy will ask you for pic's of it on your car.Tell him your using the power card. No K-pro,or after market injector's...And if it's the "race" one tell them it's the street one anyways....Try and get 2 cause I need one(I'll buy it from you) He wont send me one cause I have "race" one. GL :up:
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