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Jordan's Build Thread :)

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Jordan's Build Thread (AKA Trackstar)

I should have started this thread a long time ago for people to watch and see the progress of my car. But here im going to go through everything i have done in the past months and keep updating in the future!

Got rid of 2000 prelude to get the 03 rsx:)

Very 1st upgrade done to the car was Feb 22 2011

Got a little lazy with the car, but next inline for my car was Function and form type II coilovers with function7 lca's and subframe brace! Also ordering the jdm rear H and integra symbols on april 21 2011....

At this point the car was looking pretty good except we had a huge problem, this stupid black bumper was all busted up and my headlights looked like shittttt. Time to do the conversion. Bought the 05 06 rsx bumper a month ago, got it painted. My headlights came last week and i got them installed finally, feeling like i am driving a new car!

At this point in the build im kicking it up a notch, really trying to get shit done! So if youd like to folllow the build updates will be hitting you all left and some engine goodies on the way and then hitting the dyno to get a tune and some numbers before IA Nashville! cant wait stokedddddddD
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Yeah man more excited then ever to drive the car! The collar kit
Is just something I wanted to try. Not expecting a world of a difference.
i was right there with you. i had the subframe out so figured why not.

Need 02-04 RSX driver side front control arm. Have any?
WHAT!?!? Cars in my garage? Yes indeed it is, 4 months later.

Tied the cage into the front dash bar, passenger seat beam and added a pillar gussets. Also did simple gusset plates for the door bars.

Out with the old clutch system which has 130k miles on it. In with the new EM2 Clutch Master Cylinder and RSX Slave cylinder along with Ktuned full braided clutch line.

More updates tonight.

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Re: Jordan's Build Thread (AKA Trackstar)

Sick progress. I've been following the cage build on IG. I need to get a hold of that guy for some small projects.
Cage is primed for the most part. Man its a lot of work to paint a cage. But its coming together. Picked up a spare dash as well because I'm going to hack my current one up pretty good just to get it in and ready. Will be doing some custom carbon plating with the spare dash when I have the time.

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Cage is primed sanded and washed down, time to start hitting it with some silver!

Install Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and k tuned tucked clutch line as well.

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Some shitty laps on a shitty set up at gingerman! But hell of a time!
Last track day of last year on street tires and bent front shocks. Little late to uploading but finally got around to it. Few things: The 4.7 final drive and Oem z3 LSD upgrade is far from ideal for a competitive RSX. The new 5.0 FD and clutch type diff should be a nice upgrade! Also had a lot of trouble with T9, the uneven pavement made the cars understeer very unpredictable.

Also I've mentioned to a few people that want to go faster, use the curbs! On the track in particular you can use all the curbing and even some grass. In my last session I really started abusing the grass and it was quicker. But no gopro for that session :/

Also I was not using front sway bar in this session.
Like this track focused build.

Really simple but impressively effective.

Good job.
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