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So my BF has a lancer and is on a lancer forum.....they are planning this meet (which details are below). they decided to make a comment that didn't sit so well with us honda we are going to..."join" them...aka bust up their meet.

P.S. they also got a lil butt sore when there was talk of civics coming so we figured we'd get a few more to join! enjoy!

so here are the details-let me know if you are down!

WHERE: ----------------------- Virginia Beach, Virginia
WHEN: ------------------------- JUNE 5th, 6th, 2009
TIME: --------------------------- Meet up by 4:30pm-5pm on Friday, June 5th. Meet up by 11am-Saturday, June 6th, SUNDAY AM, DRIVE HOME!!
WHAT: ------------------------- EAST COAST MAJOR MEET
WHY?: -------------------------- CUZ, Lancer's Rule and Hondas Drool!!!!

***PLEASE, Absolutely no burnouts in the parking lot (that goes for you 5sp guys) (cvt, no e-brake pulling). Do not litter, no shoplifting, respect authority there. Respect each member, no bashing anyone!

WE WILL MEET AT BETWEEN 4:30pm-5pm Friday June 5th at the below address

Lynnhaven Mall,
701 Lynnhaven Parkway
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
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