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Finally making a build thread here at First I would like to give Thanks to all the people involved in this build.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]///Circuit Hero
[email protected]
[email protected]
My friend Dee and John

This is my first motor swap ever and let alone its a K-series. So please be kind and I am not your seasoned mechanic. 90% of the work was done by myself.

Parts list.
K20A DC2 R

Wire-Worx Milspec harness Stage 4
Wire-Worx K conversion harness
K-Pro ecu
Circuit Hero 3.5" custom intake powder coated chromozone (only 3 exists)
Custom 3" exhaust with two V-band connections
R-Crew muffler with custom turn down tip
R-Crew Race header
O2 RSX sensor
Custom Griffin radiator
-16 AN black fittings
-16 AN black braided lines
Rywire tuck brake kit
OEM manual rack
Subframe powder coated chromozone
Modified and shaved RBC 70mm manifold powder coated chromozone
S90 70mm throttle body
Hasport egk1 mounts
Insane Shafts axles
S2000 CMC
Blox CMC spacer
AEM oil pressure
AEM A/F meter
Bolt boys dress kit
Modified water pump housing
RC engineering injectors 440
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Competition clutch
Karcepts pulley kit
Karcepts throttle body adapter
TSR battery relocation
K-Tuned bolt in shifter
K-Tuned Race spec cables
K-Tuned Trans bracket
K-Tuned cable heat resistant wrap
K-Tuned TPS sensor
K-Tuned upper coolant neck
K-Tuned thermostat housing
K-Tuned tuck fuel system
K-Tuned clutch cable
K-Tuned throttle cable
K-Tuned pre-fit heater hoses
K-Tuned brake booster line
K-Tuned coil pack cover with badge

January 2012
I always wanted a white dc2 with the jdm front and was in the market at that time. My budget was 7-8K I then started noticing Type Rs for 10-13k. I was like why not for a few more Gz. That's when I decided to get an R.

Saw one 2 hours away and went to check it out on February 2012. It was love at first sight.

So I made a deposit and came back on March 6 2012. She was ready to come home.

I kept heR in storage temporary since I didn't have a garage at the time.

First things first I had a Viper GPS installed professionally with tons of extras.

Next ordered a set of CCW

Bought some status seats but later sold it.

Here I went to jersey for WekEast.

Then after WekEast I decided to go K ;)

Tear down began November 2012

Me being goofy

My first purchase for this K project was an RBC manifold. Started shaving and cutting the bridges.

I had Alex @ KN2EK weld and clean up the map sensor holes and whatever needed to have a clean RBC. It turned out better than what I expected.

Few months later I found my K20A Type R motor and DC5 R Trans

Started to do a mild shave on the bay.

Finally painted fresh NHO!

Started to install the fuel lines.

Ordered my Circuit Hero custom 3.5" intake

I bought a brand new manual rack because looping it is kinda out of place. Also had my subframe, Circuit Hero intake and RBC powder coated chromozone.

Custom exhaust done by ASC speed metal with the help from Gil

Wire-Worx came through with this work of art harness with K-swap conversion harness.

Painted my valve cover

Motor finally in with the aid of Hasport mounts.

Shaved my water pump housing. Also cleaned up my alternator and bolt boys hardware.

Wire-Worx in play.

K-pro PRC ecu

Relocated my battery by TSR

Griffin radiator. Alex is welding in a few AN bungs and brackets ;) thanks Bro!

Got parts still laying around

Protecting my K-tuned Race Spec cables

This is where I stand at the moment.

This view is just pure sex

Waiting on a few items and will wrap it up and hope to get it started by November.

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You can always talk to Alex and see if he can help out.
This! Surprisingly Jeff is about 800 miles away from me if not more and Jeff is always shipping me stuff to weld. Amongst other members on here as well! If you need something welded dont be afraid to shoot me a PM! We can always work something out!

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love the way your manifold came out :up:

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This! Surprisingly Jeff is about 800 miles away from me if not more and Jeff is always shipping me stuff to weld. Amongst other members on here as well! If you need something welded dont be afraid to shoot me a PM! We can always work something out!

love the way your manifold came out :up:
Thanks! The work and powder really shines!

Looking good, always nice to see an R in good hands :up:
It was hated in ITR expo getting rid of the Original B18C5. I atleast kept the spirit of the R with the K20A

beautiful build man :shades:
Not as beautiful as your build!

Some nice work there. Admiring all the great parts and the quality of the workmanship and prep.

Mine is not as detailed as your build Peter. I might not post but I do read a lot of the builds here. Thanks for the kind words. Maybe I'll be motivated to finish it sooner.

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:like: Def a great build. In for this. Great work so far.

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Looking good in here!

Doing some late night wire tuck on the passenger side. It was a mess in the beginning.


I just got to extend the fan plug. Will wait for my radiator to arrive.

Also painted the booster. I couldn't put my master cylinder tonight. I need my friend to tighten the bulk head on the firewall. I need an extra hand :(


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Hey man sweet looking car!! I have the black beast build going on that you've been following. I like the way youre heading good stuff man.:)
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