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Jeff 16 dyno results

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K20 Head cnc port from Headway Performance
K24A4 Block with AEBS sleeves
12:5 CP Pistons 88 Bore (really around 11:0 due to 54.5cc in combustion chamber)
Carillo A-Spec Rods
Skunk 2 Stage 3 cams
Skunk 2 Pro Series springs
Skunk 2 EX Cam gear
Skunk 2 valves
650 Injectors
Ips manifold with 90mm accufab throttle body
Dtr 4in into 1 Headers
3in Vibrant Ex & Res
Kpro API tuned
On 93 Octane " Pump Gas "

This is an overlay the difference is Blue print Rbc with 70mm throttle body Vs Ips with 90mm throttle body 301 is with ips manifold
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Working on it.
Great numbers!!

Do you recall the cam angles past 8K w/ the RBC and smaller t/body?
With rbc 33 with ips 22
Nice power for 12:5 compression~!:up:
Funny you mention that because the head combustion chamber is 55cc comparied to factory 50.5cc which lowers my compression. So because of this my compression is not true 12.5 it is somewhere in the 10.4 to 10.0 range maybe even lower.When I do compression test it only reads 175 across the board I did leak down test and motor is still in good shape. So I took my head off and we took a mold and I sent to get custom pistons made. But this is what I am working with for now untill my pistons come in.
Lol wait till my pistons come in. Don't act like 300hp is alot for these cams you have seen what they do with more compression. You should know better than anybody some ppl are making, what was it again 320-330 with higher compression. I dont know you tell me. I'll make that on pump gas when I am done.
Thanks for all bumps
i dont get it, how are you making that much power on that compression?
Good cylinder head,tuner and the whole set up is working well together.
shouldn't your compression be around 11.5 with a 55cc combustion chamber.
that head has some good work done to it
good numbers by the way :up:
You could be right I am not to sure about exact compression 12.5 with a 55cc combustion chamber but 11.5 compression should make at least 190+ with a compression tester and I read 175 across the board and the motor is fine during leak down test.
That mani made power everywhere, im sure the extra midrange is nice...

Nice addition to the setup!

Are the valves stock sized?
Intake valves are 1mm oversized exhaust are stock sized
I already said the same thing.. Skunk2 manifold to match the rest of the engine set-up..
Are you serious knock it off already. Why don't you sell you k swap and get a single cam to match your civic.
When you sell yours to match your civic...:hammer::hammer::D
Stop stressing manifold already
300hp on pump gas is nuts !

Bad ass . .
Thanks bro:up:
I hate to answer for him , but he seems happier than a *** with a bag of dicks.:p
it's a nice manifold but not for ppl like me.
Gee thanks manifold is working for me. But not as excited as when your single lobe cams came in.
Great choice in parts. How did you come to that choice in parts, research?
I hope you tiped the tuner.:D
I use what works. I tiped tuner I told him don't eat egg salad if he plans on riding the bus.
Are you still waiting on rods? Lets close that bitch up.
Looks good. that VTEC point looks nasty. Thought about moving it lower? This is probably a drag motor so I'm guessing no. Ever thought about running the K10s? From the dynos I've seen the K10s don't show as sharp a falloff in power after 8k+. The first dyno I saw of the K10s with the IPS manifold held power to 10k rpm. :wow: Any idea what you could change besides the cams to extend the powerband into higher rpm?

How did the cam angles change once you got the IPS manifold on?
The VTC was 36 degrees and is now down to 21 degrees up top with this manifold.My fuel pump was shot so at 8500 rpm the fuel pressure went from 60psi all the way down to 20psi thats why you see drop in power after 8500 rpm af ratio was around 13.0 and at 8500 shot up to 16.0 so we stopped tuning did not want to damage anything. I changed pump but have not had a chance to go back. I need to back to finish tuning.We did not tune anything below 5000 rpm when I go back I will and I will see were vtec cross over will end up. This car is a daily driver.
Should be interesting to see what the setup can do on a full tune...

What kind of chassis is it in?
Jeff, do you have any idea what valve relief your pistons have on the intake side?
Intake 235
Exhaust 175
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