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Jeff 16 dyno results

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K20 Head cnc port from Headway Performance
K24A4 Block with AEBS sleeves
12:5 CP Pistons 88 Bore (really around 11:0 due to 54.5cc in combustion chamber)
Carillo A-Spec Rods
Skunk 2 Stage 3 cams
Skunk 2 Pro Series springs
Skunk 2 EX Cam gear
Skunk 2 valves
650 Injectors
Ips manifold with 90mm accufab throttle body
Dtr 4in into 1 Headers
3in Vibrant Ex & Res
Kpro API tuned
On 93 Octane " Pump Gas "

This is an overlay the difference is Blue print Rbc with 70mm throttle body Vs Ips with 90mm throttle body 301 is with ips manifold
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way nice....
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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