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Jeff 16 dyno results

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K20 Head cnc port from Headway Performance
K24A4 Block with AEBS sleeves
12:5 CP Pistons 88 Bore (really around 11:0 due to 54.5cc in combustion chamber)
Carillo A-Spec Rods
Skunk 2 Stage 3 cams
Skunk 2 Pro Series springs
Skunk 2 EX Cam gear
Skunk 2 valves
650 Injectors
Ips manifold with 90mm accufab throttle body
Dtr 4in into 1 Headers
3in Vibrant Ex & Res
Kpro API tuned
On 93 Octane " Pump Gas "

This is an overlay the difference is Blue print Rbc with 70mm throttle body Vs Ips with 90mm throttle body 301 is with ips manifold
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Quite a good difference there at 6k but they catch up quickly. I know it might not be possible but is there any way at all to dyno the manifolds with the same size TB?
yes with an adapter plate. idk if the different entry sizes will make turbulence.
Funny you mention that because the head combustion chamber is 55cc comparied to factory 50.5cc which lowers my compression. So because of this my compression is not true 12.5 it is somewhere in the 10.4 to 10.0 range maybe even lower.When I do compression test it only reads 175 across the board I did leak down test and motor is still in good shape.So I took my head off we took a mold and sent to get custom pistons made. But this is what I am working with now till my pistons come in.
great numbers jeff. glad to see you puttin that manifold to good use :up:

Now all you need is a set of kxv's :p
then he will have to wait 3 months for pistons maybe 4 months..
Looks good. Up top the ips mani is superior.

Kxvs would be cool but I think what u need is the new skunk2 manifold :p
we knew that it would be better but it was crazy when it did not make any power . the tune was no where near where it was thought to be. at first it lost 20 compared to the rbc.
I thought it was gonna self destruct in 5 seconds :p:p
Around your genitals? Gross.

Jeff is a bad mofo! Good work. Cant wait to see the track results! :)
I'm gonna have to spray the tools at the shop with lysol.
Damn Jeff WTF is wrong with you.:p
i already said the same thing.. Skunk2 manifold to match the rest of the engine set-up..
when will you kids quit.
no stress here buddy... I just love your choice in parts..
can we see your choice in parts? In a car that is running .
am i on honda-tech??

jeez these kids

... good results man. nice to see someone actually running a motor with parts in it, and not just stacking them in their rooms/garages/mom's closet/ gf's trunk

etc etc

I think its more fun to take pictures of parts than actually running them.
You are obviously happy with the IPS mani correct?
I hate to answer for him , but he seems happier than a *** with a bag of dicks.:p
it's a nice manifold but not for ppl like me.

I think thats all that really matters...

I would assume that it was bought second hand, or used... And although I probly won't get an answer I am wondering how much people are paying for these manifolds second hand?
true that is really what matters.

it was bought used , but them things are like gold the , price did not go down much. its a good manifold there is no reason to loose anything on it, plus it was in great condition.:up:
Gee thanks manifold is working for me. But not as excited as when your single lobe cams came in.
yes i was happier than a *** with a sack full of dicks.:p
just wait till my dual lobe killas come in from europe:p
and the kinslers I think I'm gonna cry.
Still waiting on rods? Lets close that bitch up.
no ,well yes but I have a tracking# a real one not the fake ones some ppl give their customers to get them off their backs..
was going through my PC today and found this.. I thought it was appropriate..

now that is fooking funny.

Jeff you r Chris and I am Tony:p
Are you running the Version 3 cams or did you have to dial in the exhaust cam with a cam gear?

That sucks about the fuel pump. Should be a fun daily when you're done.
they are v3 .Jeff has been daily driving with @least 285 whp for a few years.
15 hp increase should not be that much different.

He drove today in this shitty snow storm.
What is your definition of REAL 300 whp?
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