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I have been building this car for 2 years now and found this site that I enjoy looking at cause of all the legit builds on here no half assing on here. My build does not consist of any fake or cheap parts so hold on tight! This car I really enjoyed a lot for the two months that I could drive it. It had a really loud muffler and no carpet and I loved all of it. Then all of the problems started happening. It had a oil leak which my brother quickly fixed, the speed sensor was bad so it was off by 10 mph all the time, the tokico struts were shot and the ebay coilovers didn't help. The previous kid I bought it from had given me rear disk trailing arms which was good cause my rear drums blew out after about a month of driving it, so I switched those out and bought some Russell braided brake lines to go along with them. The tires on those sick wheels were really bald and one eventually popped so on the steelies went. I always wanted to inprove the car and make it look like I know they can look but when I went to replace the old coilovers with new ones I snapped a bunch of bolts and some other stuff was found so I decided to go all out and make it the car I want exactly for me! Enjoy :corn:

Some of the pictures of it when I got it!

No rott on the back quarters either picked this fine piece of ass up for $1100

I Started to put on some stock parts that it needed on such as carpet, center consele, glove box, muffler, windshield.

Then started to put on some new parts!
Real JDM Stanley fogs headlights and corners

Apexi N1 catback on way better then whatever that thing was before

and no I didnt put the SIR sticker on it the gay ass before me did

The back seats looked pretty bad so I picked up a deal on full EG6 rear seat conversion with the side panels trunk and seats. Didn't know you needed to weld in the rear seats so it looked like this for a month till she got open heart surgery

I purchased ground control springs and koni yellows for it but when I went to put them on I snapped 4 bolts on the suspension and one lug nut. also noticed trailing arm bushings were tore and needed to be fixed. So this all begain!
My friend Leon and I went ahead and pulled the little D16z6 out.

then the inside

Little D16 tore down ready to get rebuilt so it thought

Then me and some buddies sanded the whole inside so 4 hours later this was it

Then I started sanding the car and working on getting the bay ready to weld up

This is my little booth I built to sand it

Some EG6 Parts came in!

Some new seats I picked up for it!

Some updates of the bay!

Then we found little specs of rust so me being really anal cut them out to weld in fresh ones :thumbup:


The rust underneath

POR 15

Tacked in Place many more to go!

Straighten the back to line up with the bumper real nice

Started with a little body filler

Next side like clock work

Tacked it in with my lightsaber that is laying on the ground

Then my motor mount fell off whats the deal with these hondas!

Then UPS brought some more goodies for me

Sandblasted the engine mount and welded it on then grinded it to blend in!

I changed my mind on interior color so I Dyed all my interior with Landeau black from SEM.



Test fit all together

Well after way to long the bay is shaved and done! :alkie:

I also ground off all the old seam sealer and put some new SEM seam sealer on!

That time again more parts!

Special Edition Recaro Tom Cats
BRAND NEW :thumbup:

Their are only 150 pairs ever made here is the certificate they came with!

Oh did I mention I got my brother the hook up on a brand you pair also!


All powdercoated

More parts!!
One piece EG6 spoiler

Blurry sorry

From steve at HMO

EG6 owner manual

My CTR brakes that I sanded and refreshed with some high temp paint!

My buddy Leon bought a crashed GSR for the engine for $400 some people just dont know what they are selling but he hooked me up with this 1in booster. I stripped it completly then prime and paint.

Took out all the dash braces and sanded and painted them along with the pedals took them all apart and painted them up!

I decided to do the gas tank cause it was a little rusty so I worked some magic on in!

After sanding it down I POR15 it and then nice rustoleum on top and Rubberized undercoat on the bottom

Just thought I would toss in one of the shell as is now while im on lunch! thanks for the positive feedback all of you.
Here is a sneak peek of what I just got done doing and no the picture isnt crooked

Well I started on putting the rear seat mount in and getting them to line up right so here is what I came up with I looked at some shelled eg6 cars to get the mount right.

I welded nuts on the bottom of the mount so it would look factory then boxed in the sides with more metal. You can see two 90 degree pieces by the shock towers they are very close to the JDM factory ones.

Side panels test fitted

Rear seats fitted and cargo box in!

Folded down test

They look really good now that they are all dyed it took care of most of the little scuffs when I had to get them all dull with scotch brite pads to do the dyeing!

Also my JDM cargo light =)

Well the time has come here is the Heart of it all! K-***

02 RSX type S engine 110,000 on it

6 speed tranny 90,000 on it

So I had to test fit it right away

This thing was from a salvage yard in St. Cloud MN so it was all wrote on and nasty from the winter road salt we have here so on to cleaning it up, and you can't leave it stock so I got more goodies from honda!

Then after first attempt at cleaning it!

Installed my Karcepts shifter

No turning back now! *nervous*

Now onto the intense wire wheel session on my engine at trans this has taken me probably 10 hours to get it this way. I am planning on building the head with full Brain Crower so I am waiting to paint the engine till I have enough money to do that right after I take the head off.

Test fit of some of the stuff just want it done already lol

Then I took the engine out for two reasons first being

Then put a little bit of Seymour Dull Aluminum paint on it which really set it off :bang:

Well after all of that work I was still feeling like I had to do one more big thing. The previous owner had bottomed out the car which bent the back subframe making the lca's hard to get out and the bolt had snapped off and it was all dented from him jacking up the car with on it so. I flipped the car on its side with some of my buddies I ground all the undercoating off and redid it completely and also ordered a new rear subframe from honda to replace the shitty one


Halfway done

All the old sound deadening off

Then to get all the melted tar off I used a lot of carb cleaner and shop rags to come up with this

Then I got 8 cans total and recoated it with this! For that great OEM look :bear:

Modified by JDMcivbomb at 4:53 PM 5/11/2009

Modified by JDMcivbomb at 6:56 PM 5/11/2009

Here is when how I replaced the rear subframe

Somebody didn't want me to take pics of it though my new mini dachshund Munch

So after drilling out 65 spot welds on on rear subframe it came off perfect!

New and Old

Drilled out new holes in the subframe then got it fit in just right!

With the help of my friend Leon we got it all plug welded on to perfection

Painted up for a little more protection against rust then undercoated it after that

Tapped off the front frame rails so I could just undercoat the bottoms of them

One more picture of the tranny all freshened up and put back together I will be purchasing all new bolts for it very soon.

I got my wire harness and the gay ass from the same place I bought the engine from sent me it and by the three ecu connectors it has some will harness spliced into it so i ripped that off. It shouldn't be a big deal because it was a foot from them so ill just have to depin them and shorten it up. Also took all the factory covering off it so I can start my wire tuck and re sleeving!




Now that you are up to date I will be working on body work to get the car flawless for paint I will be placing a huge order with honda for new OEM fenders, hood, bumpers, rear bumper beam, side skirts, top moldings, and a S2k clutch cylinder, also all hardware to hold everything on as it was stock and splash guards

Well dug a little in my cabinets last night and found this stuff.

And you guessed it Ground Control

I Started blocking the car so I can finally get this thing painted this is the color I am getting.

Captivia Blue if we can get RHD jon or Rotten EGG thats the color im getting

And here is a picture of the finished bottom undercoating in the back since I forgot to take one before I flipped it down. Yes I see the little spot I missed and will be getting it today.

This is whats next to tackle

Started sanding down the bay for a final time to get it perfect

Well off to work on it

Well did some small stuff today. Cleaned up my shift fork, and my proportioning valve mount, and my exhaust heat shield. I put all the parts and stuff back on my engine because I am sick of loosing parts and bolts, it will be awhile before I start messing with that so. Started blocking my doors out the best I know. Here you go!

Painted it up with some Semi gloss

One of my shop area I work in!

Heat shield before I cleaned it!


Then I decided it would be good to undercoat the side that will be closest to the car away from the exhaust

I will paint the other side with high temp black paint now

Well when I was putting my valve cover back on I decided to wire wheel the nuts to give them a little extra shine. Its the little stuff that counts to me and I have nothing but time my friends. :corn:


My tools of choice



Well more updates tom. have a good night! :alkie:

Well today was the day I ordered all my OEM honda parts that I need for paint. here is the list.

front bumper
rear bumper
both front fenders
rear bumper beam
front and rear bumper impact foam
both outside door handles
front cowl
both side skirts
both window sashes
both roof moldings
both window trim that part that runs right under your window that always has the black chip off
Front wheelwell splash guards
and EVERY single screw bolt and clip to go along with that stuff it will be christmas soon :thumbup: :bear:

Well got a little bit of work done I started to mock up my brake lines so I can see what I need to order for fittings and banjo bolts. I like the way these lines turned out eve though it is a really rough mock up but I ran into a little problem with the line im using. When I bought it, it said it was double walled 3/16 steel brake tube. So when I started bending 90's it was creasing it kinda and when I went to do the hardlines for the front brakes doing a 180 was impossible it would just fold over lol so I think im gonna get new tubing when I order my fittings. Also bought a little somthing for the ass end of my car the other day just cause so it will be here this week and hopefully all my honda order will be here end of this week probably next week though. Happy memorial day no work :bang:

The two sharpie circles is where it will come in just a little somthing different my brother came up with dont think ive seen them there before.

I like them but when I redo them im gonna make them hug the brake booster so they are really tucked! *hug*

Some of the undercoating in the bay and current picture of my bodywork ive been working on.

Calling the guy who is painting my car so we can get this thing done!

Well my painter stopped by today to look at the car and he said we can probably have it ready for primer in two weeks! I will be busting ass to get as much done as I can then off to his paint booth. Here are some pictures of what we will be working with on friday.

Well we will see what tommorrow brings tons of parts coming next week! :bear:

Well finally got started on the body work for paint with a little help from my painter. We got the passenger side quarter panel, the eg6 one piece spoiler, rear tailgate, and both side A pillars all smoothed out perfect and got started on the drivers side quarter and also passenger door. Here you are.....

Atenna shaved also

We plan on putting the first coat of primer on this next weekend and should be painted by the end of the month. So tonight I went and bought some nuts and bolts so I could weld them in to mount my back seats correctly.

Also my new toy I bought today. Picked this over the makita because this has 5 year warranty.

My boy cleaning up shop

More pictures and new parts tom. night! :corn:

Thanks for the positive comments everybody I will be working on this for atleast 4 hours everyday after work so there will be plenty of updates. Here is what we got done on it today and also a little present I got myself today.

My little buddy helped me open this up right away

Amazing quality product and the limited edition anodized blue is sick

I called on my huge honda parts order today and it is coming in on thursday so I took the day off :corn:

Well today started out as a bad and ended really good. I took the day off work today because all of my parts were coming from south bay honda. Apparently the truck my parts were on broke down so instead of getting them at noon they ended up getting here at 5:30. This left we with the whole day to look on here for some inspiration! Sent a email to Chase over at and I think i will be rockin a fresh harness by him as well as some other of his goodies. Well here you go here are all the goodies. Enjoy


Bumpers and new impact foam

Spashguards, window moldings, door sash, roof moldings, door handles, window cowl, and rear bumper beam

Side skirts, hood, and tons of screws bolts and clips


Rear bumper beam

ASR brace mocked up

Bumper foam

Started to put stuff on really quick tom. I will take my time and get it perfect to my standards

Fuel to keep going can't beat $.50 a can :alkie:

More tomorrow :corn:

Well today my brother came to the shop and helped me line up the front fenders hood and bumper. We got them looking pretty good, so we went ahead and spot welded the front radiator support on while everything was looking right. I then began measuring out the holes to cut my side markers in. I am very anal at doing this so I didn't actually cut any holes yet cause I didn't want them to be crooked. Tomorrow I will get a square and some tape and get them put on perfect but if any of you want to post measurement from your real eg6 feel free. *hug*

Bumper isn't screwed on yet

Well more work tom. I will be cutting out the sidemarker holes as well as the holes for my fog lights! Thanks for the feedback in advance :thumbup:

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

dude, wtf... serious bank on all the oem stuff... and one hell of an ocd problem.... me like.

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

good job!
thanks bro

Alright here you go I will also be posting this in the appearance section so we have a good how to on these because people are always looking for them.

Tools needed

Well I went off a sheet that I found on honda tech but it didnt print out to the correct size so I ended up making one myself out of masking tape.

First I put a level where the sideskirt goes to make sure the car was level.

Then I took a piece of duct tape and run it just on the edge of the sidemolding them make sure that is level.

Then I take my template and line the bottom side of it up with the top edge of the duct tape

Make sure that is level and one inch away from the inside of the fender

then cut very carefully and dont take too much off first you can always cut more later!

Test fit the marker and here is what you should have

make sure it is a good tight fit

Here are how both of mine turned out I think they are about 99% authentic to EG6 placement

After that I started to work on where and how Im gonna mount my proportioning valve and how Im gonna have Chase run my harness into my car I got a great idea but didn't have time to finish looks like a hack job now but it is gonna turn out very nice trust me I got something cool worked out. Well more updates tom. hope this helped people! *hug*

Well finished up the wire hole and proportioning valve mount tonight and it came out awsome if you ask me cant wait to start bending my lines now. I am going to order all my fittings tomorrow when I can take some time to find what I need. I took the day off tomorrow so I plan on putting 8 hours into it. Well here you go Chase this is why I didn't cut it all out. :thumbup:

Here it is finished until I paint the car! let me know what you think! :bear:

I was a little bored so I decided to paint my mounts so they will match my car. Sometimes its just the little things!

More tomorrow! :corn:

well I didnt really get much done to show but I put in a lot of work trying to get my car on its new mobile stand just got the back done today I will do the front. I did manage to get the motor mounted in the car and the hood closes perfectly there is only about a 1/2 inch in two spots cause of the RBC but I dented the new hood up in those place so there is about a inch clearance now *nervous* do you guys that have k20's in and running think thats enough clearance I don't know how much the engine is gonna move? I also test fitted the headlights and corners and they look sick today I will also cut out the holes for my fogs in the new bumper as well *nervous* More tonight :thumbup:

Something is peeking though the grill!

Also do you guys know do I have to get the alternator relocate kit or can I put it where it is stock just wondering if there is clearance issues as I don't have a alternator yet and would like to know so I can tell Chase where it is gonna be! Thanks

Well today I got some pipe cleaners and mocked up my brake line setup. I might try and figure out something different on some parts but I really like how tucked the lines are from my brake booster. So here you are also feel free to give me sites to order brake line fittings from. thanks

My wiring hole all hidden

Just for fun a picture of all my hardware

I also got my wire harness all packaged up and will be shipped out for ChaseBays to work there magic! thanks again Chase

Well today I got off work early which sucks cause I need that money but I put my time to good use.
I got the inner part of the bearing cut off my front wheel hubs so I can order my new bearings and press them into my hubs. A little trick I figured out is if you take a cut off wheel and just do one slit from the front to back in it it will give it just enough play to get it off, it is on there good trust me. Then I continued with my brake lines I got all of the inside bent and mocked up till I get my fittings. I will probably redo all of them again after I get my new fittings just to make them perfect now that I have the hang of it I think. Also I cut my fog light holes in the new bumper *nervous*
Til tomorrow! :bear:


Fog lights mounted

No fake fogs here Stanley

One done

Both done thanks to help from SKIl jig saw

All back mounted up till primer!

I also cleaned up my shifter box since it had all kinds of surface rust and paint marker on it

Going to try and continue on body work by myself. Talked to my painter today and he is still trying to get over Mono which from what I hear isn't fun. But I hope to get both the doors done by the end of the week so we can get it primered by the end of next week keep your fingers crossed. :corn:

Well friday is here and Im back home so here is my update! Got my radiator today then started to mock it up. More body work tomorrow.

My little buddy helping me again!

Then the test fit I had to dent the hood just a bit to get the radiator cap to clear but fits perfect tomorrow I will make some mounts.

Then this for fun just messing around well redoing my buddies HX's

Well did some more work on the car today got the drivers side quarter panel done as well as the the front fenders and the passenger side door. I got the bottom tabs made and welded on I just need to order my Spoon radiator stay now for the one top mount on the radiator. Here you go my hard work for the day!


Snowed one inch on the inside today!

All mounted up!

Bumper fitting perfect with the new radiator mounts

Well it has taken sometime for updates been kinda slow and didn't help this forum was down for a hot minute but here is what I have been up too!

One door done

Other one started

roof close to done

Got all my primer i need going on the body soon!

cleaned up and taped off the drivers front wheel well


Rubberized undercoated three coats

thats it more work to be done!

Well here is the final out come of the front wheel well all unmasked! I also got the second door finished so now all I have is the roof to finish up. I started to strip everything off the car and am sanding all the little cracks and crevices more tomorrow and for sure primer this week.

Also started taking down the sanding booth that isn't being use so I can put it up around my car for primer

Also got the rear bumper mounts drilled in on the sides

Inside getting ready for primer

More tomorrow! :bear:

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

it has been awhile i am still scratching the paint for primer and getting last minute things mocked up my brother helped out by mounting my fuse box in a very stealth spot yet very easy to access by dropping down the glove box. I also shave my radiator support. more to come just slow till paint.

Thats all for now I promise primer soon!

Well I worked on the car for 5 hours today still scuffing and fixing and fitting little stuff. My goal is to have it ready for primer on Monday I know I have said this before but I think this could be the day I have been waiting for. I also bought all the necessary stuff I need for my paint booth, the plan is to primer the car and all other pieces at my warehouse and also paint and clear the inside there. Then I will be taking the car to my painters REAL booth to get the outside and all other parts.
I should finish the rest of the stuff I need to tomorrow like making a battery tray and mounting it in the car and also fabbing up some brackets for the sides of the radiator and Im sure more sanding.

This is what $100 got me at menards

Took your advice and welded the radiator mounts solid

Cleaned up the shop trying to get ready to build my booth around it also mopped the floor

Welded two nuts in the blank holes so I could mount up my eg6 long armrest

By the way if anybody has a hook up on some eg6 door panels with this fabric print let me know! that all i need for my complete set! :thumbup:

More tomorrow! :corn:

Thanks for the complements bro I have already paired up with Chase he will doing a custom harness and grounding kit and I am getting all my brake line fittings from him as far as the booster delete kit goes it isn't good for my needs with this car. Well I have been working on the car every night I finally got the booth completely built and the car is all sanded so I started to wax and degrease the car but it was getting late so I will finish tomorrow and start priming. Also cleaned up one side of my engine and painted it just to see how good it would look. Turned out amazing.

Lone EG half the booth built

Cleaned engine

Front still needs cleaning and paint

Booth all built and little car all cleaned up ready for primer and paint Word

You can see the box fans and filters two in front up high blowing in and two in back blowing out down low

Engine bay done and clean!

Test tube EG6

Cross your fingers for primer tomorrow I hope I can get it ready in time. Peace

:bang: :bang:

Well I spent more money today and I have a feeling that I will be low on money for awhile with all the stuff I still need to buy for my car! Its all good though so here is what I picked up in Chicago from the Suja 1 Motoring shop.

Here are the pics of the car as it is now!

Shaved antenna

Here is where the money went!

Doesn't show the color good but you all know what Captiva Blue pearl looks like

Also picked up some metal angle iron to make my battery tray and radiator stay

Just a pic for the road looks all blacked out now with the dipstick

Thats all primering all the rest of the parts tomorrow thanks for the comments guys!

Well it was a late night last night but I managed to get more parts primered. Here are some pics.

these have etch primer on them for the bare metal spots

For the bumpers we had to scuff them up with some Wesleys cleaner and gray scotch brite pads to get the factory coating off of them. Then we rinsed them with water to make sure the water sheeted off "which means they are clean" then we had to spray 2 coats of some bull dog adhesion promoter followed by a flexible ready to spray primer by PPG specialty paint. We took all these steps to insure the paint sticks really well and doesn't flake off after it is painted. These stuff went on really heavy which is alright Ill just sand it down and get the orange peel out with some 400 grit and they should be ready for paint.

Well Im gonna go work on in more now clean the booth out again and get the bumper beams, EG6 spoiler, both doors, mirrors, and rear tailgate ready for primer. More tonight!


Thanks for all the positive comments guys I have been working on it everyday so far really trying to get all the primering done so my painter can take it to a real booth and get some color on it! Here is what I got done yesterday. FPR mounted to engine, JDM folding mirrors taken apart for paint and also got one door and the rear tailgate done. I have to clean today so not much for updates we will see though!

Bracket I made to mount my FPR

This is how I bolted it on then when I put the return line on it is all hidden

Sanded down so they can get fresh captiva


Then I mirrors need to be redone I dont know if I didnt clean them good enough or if it is from where there was plastic to paint Ill sand them and clean them good then use some bull dog adhesion promotor just to be safe.

Thats it for now Later :bang:

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

the tell tale sign of high might want to double check, you will probably need to seal that or the paint will bleed out

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

Well last night got the last coat of primer laid on before the ouside can be painted. Now I have to block the outside with 400 then it is ready for paint and also I need to sand the inside with 400 then we can paint the whole inside I'm really pumped. Then after that the the rest of the car like the outside and all the parts will be getting painted in a legit paint booth that is temp controlled. Here you are it has been awhile I know!

After all smooth and buttery

Well that is it sorry for all the pics but when I look at builds I like to see alot of pictures. I am going to block sand it now and get the other parts ready for primer updates tonight! :alkie:

thanks a lot for the comments guys yesterday me and my painter spent 8 hours sanding and scuffing all the little parts getting them ready for primer at 11:30 we finally got them primered here you go.

Well thats it for today we have now sprayed 2 gallons of primer on this thing not much more to go just have to get one more coat on the doors and figure out the mirrors and door handles the primer cracked a bit so ill have to sand that down and re primer them and hope it doesn't happen again they have been a bitch we even put adhesion promoter on them. I am also working on picking these up from a local member!

This will be the first of many Spoon parts for this car!

You ask and I will deliver I got my Spoon convex mirrors today thanks to Ray on here for selling me them! Worked on the car a bit today sanding the inside down so we can paint the inside this Friday.

Thats it for today !

Here you guys are this should be the last of priming now! :bang: Tomorrow I plan to get the whole inside sealed and sprayed with color and clear can't wait it is gonna turn out super hot!

got the radiator mounted finally

then started shaving the top studs

haven't finished yet

Seam sealed the back quarters so they look stock again

My buddy primering for the last time

Primered the inside of the sidemarkers that I cut out so they don't rust later

Finally got the door handles and mirrors figured out

Primered these up even though they are for RHD I will have to get some cx ones to take apart and paint!

Thats it for tonight Shiny Captiva blue pearl tomorrow! *nervous*

Well we did get around to painting the inside and door jams the other night. It looks amazing love the color. Here are pics of the sealer, base, clear



There that should be enough pictures til paint the rest of the car this Friday! :bang: :corn:

Well my brother helped me out by sandblasting all of my hinges for me so I could get them paited yesturday. We also got the rest of the little stuff and the underside of some stuff painted the booth will be coming down today.


Freshened up the plastic for under the spoiler also

Well thats enough pictures for now I am gonna go take the booth down now and more wet sanding. Chase finally got my harness finished up so I think that should be here this next week, he has a lot of harnesses to do so be patient. :corn:

Paint next saturday for sure! :bang:

Well here is the deal guys the car is painted but we got way to rushed cause the night shift was coming in and they had to use the booth so we got all the spaying done in a hour and a half and thought we had pulled it off that is until I pushed it out into the sun yesterday. I noticed that you can see all the spray pattern still and some of the parts don't match perfect so here are pictures but the whole outside is gonna get sanded again and repainted with a healthy gallon and a half of base before any clear goes on if any of you have any painting tip to get the stuff to match perfect let me know cause we painted all of it with the same batch of paint in the same temp the only thing is that the fenders weren't on the car and the bumpers weren't either so we will see. The engine bay will be left alone that looks good but here enjoy *cry*

Well thats it I wish it actually looked as good in person as it does in the pic!

More sanding for me now!


Well this is what I have been working on it really sucks sanding it all down again but I really think it will be worth it so here you go

So I still have to sand the fenders and the front bumper still by next Saturday I think that is when it is getting sprayed again keep and I out for it! :bear: :corn:

Well it may have taken awhile to get but I think it is safe to say it was worth the way this harness is amazing quality fits like a glove!

Thanks again Chase! We are also talking about a couple of other trick things for this car so be on the lookout!


Well you thought there was gonna be a big update and here it is today was the day round two of paint and I am pretty sure we got it right this time but first here are some pics of my wire harness on the engine. Then of coarse some pics of the final paint we heated up the shop after we were done and it is drying all the paint tonight then I am going to pic it up tomorrow.

Vtec Solenoid wiring

All masked up

Me mixing up the base

The outcome!

Well thats how she looks now Ill try to get more pics of it tomorrow after I go get it and unmask it. After that I am going out of town so nothing till thursday. But there will be a surprise on thurday


Well you thought there was gonna be a big update and here it is today was the day round two of paint and I am pretty sure we got it right this time but first here are some pics of my wire harness on the engine. Then of coarse some pics of the final paint we heated up the shop after we were done and it is drying all the paint tonight then I am going to pic it up tomorrow.

Vtec Solenoid wiring

All masked up

Me mixing up the base

The outcome!

Well thats how she looks now Ill try to get more pics of it tomorrow after I go get it and unmask it. After that I am going out of town so nothing till thursday. But there will be a surprise on thurday


Well I got one of the items I have been waiting for!

Brand new EG6 headliner and Sun visors still sealed in the package

Thanks for all the comments guys I have been out of town a lot the last three weeks for work but I am back in town now for quite awhile so this weekend we are gonna get the call all finished buffing and get it shiny once and for all. Here is what it looked like after went knocked down all the little dirt specks before wet sanding it with 600 then 1500. I know there was a lot of dirt but all of that and all the runs are knocked out just needs to be buffed up now. Also today I bought a OEM full nose mask. I only plan on using the hood portion but I got a good deal on it so I figured what the heck.

OG hood prop

Also finally got to bolt up my powder-coated subframe

Tested the buffing a bit on the hood to see how it will look here is a close up on the hood!

it is a little blurry and it is the first stage of buffing.

Tomorrow I will be posting pics of a car finally done with paint cross your finger or just :corn:

Well we got a lot of buffing done my painter put in some serious time getting everything to look perfect after buffing. He has the hood, one door, wing and the bumpers to do he will be finished by Tuesday then I can start to clean the car and shop up to get ready for installation of new and clean parts!

Here is the progress so far!

Homies chillin

Roof done just has little pieces on it from the buffing compound

Well thats it for now it is amazing to see my car shining again can't wait to get the money to buy suspension parts!

Well tonight I we got the whole car all buffed up FINALLY! While my painter was working on that I worked on taping off the passenger wheel well and got three fresh coats of undercoating laid down.
We will be doing a little bit of polishing on Friday then I will be paying off a couple of people I owe. Then I will be saving for the rest of my suspension and other needed parts to get this thing back together enjoy!

Rear bumper done!

Well hopefully I will be getting a few deliveries this week :corn:

Got a pacakage today it was my full nose mask from Honda! Tonight I met with my painter and he got the rest of the car polished up and started putting some little things on to see what it will look like.

Well I have been putting on little stuff for the time being while I get money I will be ordering a lot of parts here from acura and honda, Also some from function 7, and Mugen! Keep a eye out. Here is your update finally I have been way to lazy lately!

SPOON mirror put in on one side

Touched up my front grill from a little bit of over spray and cause SEM trim paint looks amazing

Fresh coat of SEM paint

Also did the bottom lip portion on the rear bumper with SEM

The engine bay updated a bit

Put my wiper assembly and brake booster and pedals in.

Also freshened up my little horn and put it on with a new honda bolt

Cleaned up all the wax stuff off my front subframe

Put in my firewall mat and also cut it around my fuse box I got mounted up

Painted up my rear seat bracket for eg6 seats and installed with new bolts

thanks for all the support

More to come soon!


Well got a small delivery one of many though! Got my new Hard Race trailing arm bushings. Plan on pushing them in tomorrow! :corn:

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Got more stuff today! Brand new ITR rear hubs and bearings, all around extended studs and also function 7 lower control arms. I might be sending them back to just get the normal ones though cause this teflon coating they have can be scratched off easily and you can see where they sprayed them. :thumbdown:

Here you can see what Im talking about shitty quality on re-coating them

If they were black anodized that would be sick but nope just shitty teflon. Even powdercoat would be better. Well that all for today!

Thanks a lot bro today got some stuff done got most of the trailing arms put together with what parts I do have. Still waiting for all the bolts for my suspension from my Honda order to get here. Also received my buddy club camber kit. Looks super sick but didn't come with the top portion where you bolt it to the strut tower so I have to buy those now. :thumbdown:

here are some pics. Also pressed my arp studs in the new hubs!

Well thats it for tonight better pics tomorrow!
:corn: :bang:

Well haven't done much waiting for my big order from honda to come in so I can finish up my suspension! But I did get my rear brakes all mounted up I am planning on getting full Spoon pads, and rotors for them soon.

Don't mind the bolts lol they will get replaced with new ones from Honda

Also got a little something for winter today


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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

radical ass build man...

this is soo sick.

this prolly has to be the best build thread ive seen. Just motivates me to get off my ass and start getting shit done.

very nice man. def cant wait to see the final product.

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

:wow: :up: Man this is some build. This will be a brand new car. I got made respect for you man. I definetly can't wait to see this finished.

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

Well I have been working on the car quite a bit just haven't had time to upload my pics! So my main focus has been to get all the suspension done I have the majority of the parts but I need to order more from Honda to get it to its complete state. Also go the gas tank mounted up. Chase sent me a email saying my brake fittings are on there way so I will be ordering my Rigid flaring tool tonight so I am ready to bang those out. Also my friend Cory helped me finish up my radiator mounts and the are amazing so solid I can move the whole car with the radiator! :thumbup: The rest you can see yourself enjoy :corn:

Got new hardware to mount this up so I don't have to run a spacer

new tie rod ends still need the little nut for in between

painted up the filler neck

freshened up the new S2K clutch res cause factory cast wasn't doing it for me

Got all new hardware to mount these so mounted one up to see how it looks

Front ready to go one just waiting on little stuff

Current state

Wrd thats all I have for now more this week! :corn:

Well I have a little bit of a update for today not much but I put the newly painted clutch res back on the care and found out I was able to use the OEM hardware so that was good. Got the clutch pedal put in and also the steering column put in just some little stuff here you go more updates coming this week! :corn: thanks for all the support guys I will not be another guy to part out his car this car has many hours of love and thought and lets not forget money into it!

Well got home from being out of town for work and had some presents waiting. Got my package from Chasebays finally so I can get my brakes done. Also my buddy Cory brought me back a present from Suja 1 thanks a lot to Jeremy he is always very helpful. Also got my newly recoated Function 7 lca's back from Function 7 themselves so :thumbup: to them.

Also picked these up a little teaser for ya


Well got most of the rear end bolted up just need bump stops and top hats so I can put the Koni's and ground control on! Everything went together nicely I am very please!


Thanks a lot guys finished up the other side tonight. I think I will be ordering a ITR sway bar to mount up next week! Here is the complete pic for you all!

Passenger front brake bulkhead mounted! Don't know where to mount the drivers one cause there is a bracket on the inside of the fire wall if I mount it in the same spot as the passenger?

Test fit on the Suja 1 line I have to figure out of I can make it look clean enough or else I'm gonna get a U fitting to use instead of a 90 degree.

More tomorrow!


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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

took forever too look at all the pics, very impressed:up: too bad you had to reapint it, but looks top notch, cant wait for more updates, very nice build

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

took forever too look at all the pics, very impressed:up: too bad you had to reapint it, but looks top notch, cant wait for more updates, very nice build
thanks a lot bro sorry about all the pics I just uploaded from NWP4life I just wanted to get in on this forum too I have had my nose in here for awhile and it seems very informational. Keep a eye out ill be coming hard with updates in January!

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Re: JDM Wannabe from the ground uP shaved tucked K ******!

Nice bro, spend about about 1 hour going thru your post.
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