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Its cranked but i got problems

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I fixed that ground and it cranked right up. But not that its running I have 2 fuel leaks and the temp sensor dosent work. I have the hybrid harness and everything is wired up correctly. I need more radiator fluid I think, b/c after filling it up and letting the car run for a long time I went back outside and the cap was hot as crap and it sounded like it was boiling. The golden eagle fuel rail is stripped out on the return side and the fitting that goes to the hard return line leaks gas like crazy and it was installed correctly. If I had the money I would ABOUT pay someone to get it all correct b/c I dont have the skills/ knowledge and I was getting fustrated. Also the speed goes up when I rev it up but I need to bleed the clutch and I thin the clutch may be barely touching. Help is appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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