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Oh lord...... I paid someone Goods and services. Should be protected right
I hope so. We had a view members here who were cheated by new users posting 3rd party email, which were 100 % addresses. The last may have nothing to do with the cheating, just was so. Anyway I have 3 reports about cheating on cases like this, new member supplies 3rd party email, a member text with the guy behind the supplied email, did the deal and never a product was sent. The idea behind supplying an email in a public post is that many other know the email and use it. If these guys post it by PM to one member only they would have much more work. They use as cheating platform. This is what I, as moderator and also as a member, can't accept.

BTW the rules of don't allow to publish any private stuff from other members without confirmation of them. So anyway, I will delete all phone numbers, emails and other private identification stuff which are not posted by the member itself.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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