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Is this crank pulley bad?

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I have k24a2. Just got it fired and running. I noticed the crank pulley wobbling while it was idling. I have a video of it and have attached a pic.


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How is it damaged?
Couple thing's I've noticed here. Looks like the cover seal is/ has been leaking, I'd get on that. In the first pic it seems to be riding off center? Hard to tell but the 11 o' clock spacing compared to the 5 o' clock spacing seem's to differ as to washer clearance. If you go new balancer they come kinda universal larger diameter little heavier. I have the belt number to help if you have to go this route. Hope it's not your crank.
I hope it's not the crank either. Oil isn't glittery so at least there's that. What cover are you referencing? The timing chain cover? The picture is just a bad angle. The bolt is centered. I was trying to get the whole pulley and the fender was in the way.

I have a new pulley just haven't put it on yet. What belt are you talking about? I have ktuned ep3 adjustable with factory tensioner. I have been struggling to get that box in spec. Move it one way and I can't get the belt on at all move it the other way and it's not in the box.

Also, the rubber on the pulley is definitely messed up. From the front could see the cracking, but on the back the chunk is missing and when I pressed on it with my fingers the rubber is separating from the outer ring.
I was referring to the front cover seal, it's the right thing to do if it even looks like it's gonna leak? I was referring to the drive belt. I might have misunderstood what set up was coming or going? Sounds like your on the right path and that balancer is suspect! Couldn't tell ya about the adjuster could give you the belt that worked on aftermarket balancer with stk. setup. not in front of me at this moment.
Ahh ok. Yeah I'm certain the front seal is leaking. I am doing all this myself and unfamiliar with kseries.. I picked this car up as is and have been fixing all the stuff from previous owner. Some one else's project. So there's that.

It used to have a generic ps/ac delete belt on it. Was tearing up belts, which I now suspect was from the harmonic balancer wobbling. Since the pulley is out now I will change the front seal and hopefully all this is fixed. Should I just go oem for the seal or is felpro from autozone decent?
I'd go OEM all day. But if your pressed for time then yes a well respected aftermarket is fine. Now, if it was a rear main or trans input? OEM. That's alot of work for a 20 dollar seal. Reach out here anytime, there's those that are better than me that will help you along your journey, always good to keep another RSX on the road. Have you decided on a balancer? I would't go used beings that's what you got....Just say'n. Siome corners can be cut or even improved upon. Others not so much. Peace
Perfect. I'll go to acura tomorrow, got a couple buddies there anyways.

Car is an ek with k24a2.

I already have a brand new oem balancer, key, and bolt. I'll do the seal before I put it all back together.

Thanks for the help!!!
How did you get an oem balancer, and what did it cost? Keep us posted if anything to let us know what your over coming. Tell us more about your current setup? If it was A/c P/s deleate was this a desperate attempt at a few extra pony's or are you holding out on us?
Lol I called my buddy at acura and he ordered it for me.

I bought the car with the ac/ps delete on there. I drove it for the trip back... it wasn't that fun. On the way home I shredded a belt. So I parked it. Most of the engine harness was not installed correctly and honestly I am surprised it ran.

I ended up chasing wires for days. In that process I cleaned up everything I could to the best of my abilities, and honestly I'm quite satisfied. No longer have any cel and all the gauges work as intended. Car will start and idle no problem now. Just finishing up some cleanliness in the dashboard.

When I got i, the guy through in a bunch of intake manifolds so I have an rbc I'm going to put on it along with a 45° vtc I have as well. It also has 3in exhaust and ktuned header. I have also added an acuity shifter. Which is awesome. I have what I believe to be a ktuned shifter clone and it wasn't great.

It's nothing to brag about in its current state but I'm hopeful that I can get it back up to fighting for in the next couple of weeks because I have tuning on april 6th.... nothing like a little pressure. I'm waiting on hybrid to send out a radiator because the one I have is cracked.. unfortunately the half size is out of stock so I'm stuck in limbo.
Sometimes things get worse before they get better? Thanks for sharing.
Here are some pictures.
Your injectors aren't seated properly they also look "old", don't match and kinda brittle of something? The better flow of the RBC could cause you to go leaner. For whatever reason the RBC has tighter "holes" Like 16 as opposed to 18mm something like that. DON'T try to hog them out! liberal lube. Is there a check valve on your booster vac line. are you running pvc, I really couldn't tell. Some may tell you to put the old balancer back on but I don't think that's it?
Yeah injectors weren't seated in that pic I pulled them out to assess. I reassembled and got to idle.. badly again and then began pulling the injector clips. 2 of the 4 had now change. I then disconnected them completely from the rail and still no go. Volt meter says they are getting a signal. I think the injectors are trash.

I am running a check valve on the brake booster. The balancer runs dead nuts true. It's not that.

I ordered some rsx injectors and pigtails. I spoke with local tuner and he recommended those based on other mods. I think the injectors that are in there are from an srt4... either way new ones are on the way. I think something with the two injectors just went bad... waiting on more parts.
I was kinda teasing about the balancer? Life is serious enough,all will be well. Sounds like you inherited somebody else's problems. But you have a solid fondation, and your making progress. I believe you meant MDX 440 cc,s Make sure you check the box in Kpro to denote this. There is going to be a A/F change with the RBC. Do you have cams?
No worries. It's hard to get inflection from some random yahoo on the internet. I wasn't meaning anything by anything, and didn't take any offense to anything you have said. It's all good. Just want to get it running again lol.

When I picked the car up I knew it was a project. This one has had several challenges but I keep muddling through.

I have RDX injectors not mdx. These are 410cc. I have a set of cams that I haven't been able to id I believe they are out of a 2007-2008 tsx. I haven't installed them yet because I need to change the vtc, and more importantly I don't know what they are.

I saw in kpro there's a couple of basemaps that have injector parameters. I have talked with tuner and he has told me we get closer to date he can mess with the map a little so I have better drive ability to at least get up there.
I didn't mean to quote your whole damn post. My father used to call me a yahoo....You might be right on the RDX thing. I got so many accromins running in my head, I need a reboot. I have a couple good 50* VTC's and some 06-08 TSX cams. If in need. One must be careful NOT to have 05' or 04's. You should have two rings. I won't expand as there is a ton of debate/ info on this. You keep muddling, personaly watching you struggle makes me feel better about myself, Thank You :coffee: So whatta we got next!
I know the block I have is an 04. I thought the biggest difference was more aggressive cams and relief in the piston? Is the clearance that bad with the 04-05? I have a modded 45 degree vtc now. I grab some pics of the cams that I have asap.

I'm good at muddling, I will continue. If one of us getting entertainment then at least there's that. In the in-between time, I'll get these fenders fitted lol.
No, the 04-05 are weak compaired to the 06-08. Your clearance will be more than fine with the 45*. I have a set here let me grab um. (tic tok,tic tok) OK. On the intake, mine is marked R8. these marks have been considered earrelevant. Iv'e seen R5, R3 blah blah. the ring is 3 lobes in and right behond the saddle.
On the exhaust mines marked R1 (2) rings three lobes in from the pulse plate on each cam. One ring on each side of the saddle Again you can search this and one would think after all these years of debate somebody can tell you better than I. You have the wrong ones. If theres any confusion I'll sell you these.
Your positive attitude and sense of humor will carry you through. :devilish:
Come to the dark side. We have candy and chocolate.
Lol I'm a diabetic so no candy.ill definitely hang out though ha ha ha ha.

On to today's events. Maybe I just post here for build...anyways

I installed new injectors. No change. So, I began to trace wires thinking maybe I messed up somewhere. This. Is. Dumb. I went to the ecu to trace and come to find out one of the plugs was half way out. So, plugged that in and boom!!!! Idle out perfect no problems at all. I couldn't believe I was that dumb. I'm glad it was something dumb and easy.... I need to get a little break here. I'm making foolish mistakes because of the pressure to get it tuned.

I'm still waiting on radiator which should be here sometime before Fri.

I haven't pulled the valve cover again to verify cams. At this point even though I'll have to go again I want to drive this thing!!! So I'm going to hold on cams and check them out when I install the vtc. My buddy is telling me he has some drag cartel cams idk anything about cam selection for this car so I'm open. To suggestions.
Your knocking it down pretty good and your doing it systematic. Drag Cartel puts out some good stuff more on the race side and would take more supportive mods. But yes, it can wait. So radiator is up next squeeze the hose's and check for cracks replace if needed flush and fill. So what else ya got! We on the dark side are equal opportunity so there's plenty of room to all those that are not perfect. :devilish:
Welp. Got it all buttoned up. New radiator in. Bleeding was a chore for sure. I had relocated the temp sensor for the gauge to the rbc top port. That actually helped because I was able to warm the car up and then crack that sensor and get most of the air out. The lisle funnel I have want able to get all the bubbles out. So I squeezed the pipes and cracked that sensor. Ect reports 198 at idle and stays there. Let it run for over 30 min. So I have my fingers crossed that it's good now.

I did drive it. Which was definitely rewarding. Except... 2nd, 4th, and 6th all have problems.

When I first got the car the input shaft bearing was going out. I had that replaced and drove it home. On the way home I noticed that 6th sounded like a super charger whine under load. Like 2k at 60ish mph. No pop outs or anything drove smooth. I haven't touched anything on the transmission. Now under normal driving 2nd comes out and 4th pops out. It goes in smooth but pops as soon as you touch the gas. Not a hammer down thing, like normal cruising. I'm extremely frustrated now. Idk what could be causing this, especially after all the work that was just done to the trans.

And.. I noticed that my brake booster check valve is cracked and leaking a bit. Brand new lol... awesome.
Shit, I only meant to quote you a lil bit! Okay, you did not mention flushing the system, we can let that go but you would be surprised at the rusty dank ass crap that will come out of there. Moving on. I believe you got a good deal on this "needs work" has extra's type of ride? I would think that the trans was serviced as in fresh honda specific fluid? Check the basics, as in 2-4-6 are all DOWN in the shift pattern. Cables comes to mind. The factory ones are not cheap I'll leave this to your judgement as there are options out there for any budget. Bushings are all up in there. None of this would hurt anyway. There common wear items. Cables stretch, bushings wear. I don't want to see you spend cubic dollars on things you don't need,yet? But I am sure not wanting you to get a rebuild if not need be. I would say it's up to you on how much is to much. Wiggle things around, I just find it odd that it's every other gear and there all on the six? (o clock) BLEED IT! real good, replace if any leaks that should be obvious? My 3rd gear was "tricky" I had a procedure as to driving it even. Under the gun it would straight up grab the next gear, like throw itself into it. Under normal I would skip it (3rd) and go to forth for cruising as 3rd would grind a bit. Start by bleeding and with help observe the action of the system as to master and slave cylinders. This took care of mine. Get a hold of whoever did the work. If it needed more you should have been notified of this. They should have seen if your syncro's were worn and as long as there in there. OFFER to replace them. Coolant work sounds like it came out well for you. Don't be disparaged. You may also contact the previous owner and say "Hey, I already bought it and I'm not coming back on you.... but...Do you know what's up with this tranny?" Keep me posted it's not the end of the world. That break booster is one vacume leak you know about and is an easy fix all things considered? Keep the faith brother.
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Lol I have hit a wall. Frustrated to say the least. I'm ok with the broken/repairing of stuff. Just under the gun for tuning. I have tried to release myself from that commitment. If it works out ok. If not welp, I'll do something else.

The transmission is going to be looked at when I get the alignment. Idk what is up with it.. although I have a new discovery. 1, the stupid hybrid thermostat housing leaks. It's literally a drop over night but it is annoying. 2, the slave cylinder is leaking. I noticed it when I was looking for coolant leak. I ordered a new one. I'm hopeful that fixes my problem. I had already bled the system with my daughters help. That made it much better. No pop outs. I had to roll the fenders and took it around the block and it started doing the popping again and I noticed significant amount of juice around the boot.

When I had the bearings replaced in the trans, I went down there and looked at it all opened up. Unfortunately I didn't take pics. There was some small wear on one synchro I don't know which one it was. At the time my thought was it ain't broke and shifts fine except for the whirling noise. I also have a small crack in the housing near the front bolt that doesn't go anywhere. Also, I had to put a helicoil in one bolt for the mount. Ultimately I'm on the look out for a 6 speed with lsd to swap in it. K20z I think idk but whatever came in the civic si.

The brake booster leak is weird. I used some braided line I had laying around to be fancy and for some reason the only side of the fitting that leaks is around the check valve. I can move the tube around and fix it. So I might just snip the end and try again. When I get the leak gone, the car is a little "chuggy" at 600 rpms. It perks right up when you give it gas but it doesn't like being that low. It needs tuning....

I'm hopeful to be motivated to post the vtc in some time this week. I need a break lol.

Here's some engine pics for prosperity.. and the thermostat leak
OMG so it's a fixer upper? Quite whining and don't drag your daughter into it. I got three and they are harder to raise than boy's? lol Your coming outta this pretty good so far. Fix the damn clutch that witch you failed to update me on, I'm gone a couple day's and look at the progress you've made?
The car looks pretty sano as to tucked an good mounts and all that. Just do a straight up fix on the vacume line, whatever that takes. It's a "main vein" you might find that helps your idle? Have you tried to manually adjust your idle? like turn the screw to set it about 750rpm. You don't need the best shifting tranny to get the engine tuned. I wouldn't eat it, I'd get there. That bolts called a blind hole BTW. One of the reasons I got so many kids. Don't worry about it, put in whatever fits?The thermostat must be dealt with? A leak is a leak. It looks like the plastic factory part of the housing to me? Perhaps an o-ring or a crack or warped. You can sand it down on a flat surfice a bit.
On the whole I wouldn't run out and compound anything with the tranny right yet. Fix what you know needs fixing keep biting away at it. Nothing is behond reasonable quite yet. A little of this a little of that. I think getting the clutch sorted out, that and the trans falling in place because of it. ( were talking cause and effect here) will give you the needed boost in morale. You know what it is.....and it's really no biggy. If there were something else about it the shop woulda said " Oh and by the way". They woulda told you because it's to there advantage. If not lash out at them! :devilish:
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And some more progress pics.
Uhhh I'd say your doing pretty good? Quit beating yourself up, already you've overcome almost everything thus far. Yeah the IACV might be key here to your "chugging" idle. IDK? The idle bolt/screw will be towards the firewall. Feel free to vent but I think it's going pretty well for a seemingly fixer upper. Lets take this a paragraph at a time. Fix the leaking slave cylinder, as discussed. 800 is a little steep in my opinion for what? hopefully they were talking complete rebuild. That I don't think you need. As for your girls whatta ya want me to tell ya? They get more expensive the older they get?
What new paint? I was kidding about kicking it. Have it buffed out maybe and cut a deal with the headlight guy? If he can buff the headlight he should be able to do the whole car.
Clutch! Get back with me on that after you go over the obvious. I think you'll be plesantly surprised?
Letting rubber sit falls under use it or lose it. You did right by putting it on jack stands but I wouldn't be surprised if your tires still got some dry rot. I'm looking here and that shifter is a piece of work. You might consider going back to stock on that? The T/B does not look stock either. just take one thing at a time. I understand the whole two arms thing. Just concentrate on getting the trans to shift right. fix the headlight it's sacraledge. One thing at a time, your overwhelming yourself and me! lol What kinda clutch is in it as we're on it? Please don't say it's a double disc puck. lol I've been down this road, your putting a "race car" on the street. You need to de-tune it a bit to make it livable. First concentrate on the day to day mechanics of it. Hold off on the tune. If you don't have a decent idle yet what do you expect out of that?
Don't mess with the abs anymore for now, it stops. Your trans and general drivability is what's important? You can stop later. I'd say you need a motivational speaker but more likely will your family fit in the trunk? I could go on but as far as the cooling, It is what it is. A pressure bleeder would help your cause IDK but "loan a tool" might have one? It needs to be fixed and drain and reuse the coolant. I still suspect the factory plastic housing on that. By all means it's easier for me to say this. I think your on a mission and you will not fail.
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They are brand new.
Yeah aren't we all? See, I just whiypted out a whole paragraph. lol Ok so your telling me that you listen to your wife? I shoulda done that? So yeah your fenders are crooked but I didn't notice it. Look your withholding pertanent information isn't helping you. I would get my ex a puppy every time she mentioned kids. It worked to a point.
It's to early to go after the tranny shop. There just gonna say "we didn't touch that!" If it was fine before why did it end up there? Fix the slave cylinder and get it back to them. If this didn't happen to me once I wouldn't know. IS THERE OIL IN IT? Don't take anything for granted on this. Fine keep your damn shifter. Just make sure it's adjusted properly.
That car doesn't need painted? Have him fix the headlight, buff it out, whatever....Do you think maybe that when you were "hangin' out with the fenders you mighta knocked the headlight out of wack? You can't hide what happens when this ones done?
I understand slim pickins on these. I still don't understand the back story? With one breath it's like you know this car and the next it's like you just bought it? I've had mine 20 years, I still can't get it to cuddle.
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I'm not with holding anything lol.
Know that I see these new pics already I have a clearer picture? The ones you sent before the drivers light was as bad as it gets. Now I see reason for paint also. This is helping to clear up a couple things. So glad your shifting better. Not dissing the shop but 800 seemed steep to put in sycro's when your already getting the bearings done. I had to have the cases repaired on a cr250 dirt bike years ago and I just assumed all was well. They didn't add oil and I didn't think to check. I was lucky all I did was torch the clutch.
I would ask them to explain the whirring because that denotes a possable bearing issue? Glad your shifting better that was a major issue in my book. Coolant leak, hey alright! I wasn't trying to put you on the defense It's not like your trying to sell me the car? lol I just wanted a little more background so it's all pretty new to you. Here I am going over bumper removal and unless you pulled it yesterday....I was peeing on a spark plug. I have a K-tuned style shifter that's yet to be installed. It is not nearly as adjustable as to what your running. Threre should be no whirring. It's something that needs to be addressed, and they should have an answer? In the interest of things you've managed to nail a lot of what I consider to be high priority? What's next on your list as to what's most important to you?
I know you felt you had a janky front end "type R kinda set up". I hope that doesn't turn into a money pit. Bushing's, tie rod ends, all that can add up. Could you send pics of that and do you know how to check it before you have an alignment done. If anything needs replaced the alignment would be mute at this point. Were you able to get out of your tuning apt.? If it's shifting and your set on what intake and T/B and all that you will be running.....Why do you think it needs to be tuned?
Your wife and kids must be alright look at the way your hogging that garage! With a couple of decals that RSX would pass for a squad car? So are you leaning towards wht. or blk?
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I'm open to suggestions lol.
Top O' the morning to ya! I would suggest you get rid of your wife and kids? There a drag on your economy? How's this car ever gonna get done?:devilish:
If the vtec was pulled back then your running some cams. Everything about this is fun. The brake pics didn't go through BTW. If it stops and locks...why F with it? I would venture to guess the abs was intentionaly disabled? Somebody went to a lot of effort to mod / improve (?) this car. Then they drove the piss out of it and sold it to you. it doesn't suck. It, just needs some love?
YOUR all up in that tranny. Hold firm at this dollar amount it should be butter? Silky smooth, along for the ride and cooperating with you and so should the shop......Your doing right in the fact that untill you know what you got, it's kinda hard to deal with it?
Good job on the stabilization of your idle! That's a biggy? Stick with the 68mm it's been proven that anymore than that will not get you much if anything except a soggy bottom end. When tuning this beast all out H.P numbers is not it. You want it driveable and fun? Bragging rights as to the latter won't do you much as to day to day? I'm vested in this as I am in the middle of a "high end" but resonable build. Mostly some added performance and dead ass reliable the way a Honda should be? I hydro locked my engine and I'm on a mission now. So there in lay's are vested interest? I know my car like the back of my hand. Your running it down and doing a good job of prioritizing. You must remain hands on so you don't lose the rabbit. Ask questions, give me answers, color is your choice. I almost bought a 92 camaro that had a purple that the hue almost looked black at night. It was a stock color but like "hunter green" or a double breasted suit it is what you want.
If it's not broke don't fix it. If it's not safe, you better. If it's not reliable I'd look at it twice as to how much trouble/cost it will give you later on. When your done with this one something tells me you will be on to the next. There's worse habits you could have. The more you do on your own the least it will cost. It seems like your on your 3rd build? Make some mistakes....Just not twice.
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I'm on the shop deal. No biggie for me, I don't like being confrontational but, deal is a deal and they have my money. I'm confident this will all be resolved.
I meant no offense as to the shop. I've worked for used car dealers and factory on heavy equipment for Cat. I won't go all in as to this and that. Your making great progress. I'm routing for you even! I myself must alway's have a project. I'd like to say it keeps me out of trouble? At least they know where your at? lol.
I'm now living vicariously through you as I'm sidetracked as to my own projects. It's like everyone of them is at 75%? But yet I'm not doing the most? IDK Chock it up to winter. So I've heard of a break upgrade that involves a little work and I think it involves taking factory breaks off a tsx, mdx? an fitting them. It appears you have the mdx injectors and throttle body. These are old school mods that are kinda tried and true. Retains factory parts and seems to work? I will soon be getting k-pro so I am interested on the tuning process. Not that I think I can do it myself, that falls under being your own lawyer has a fool for a client? It's behond me and I hope it goes well for you. Good that your not taking anything for granted as to knowing what you got and addressing it. Hard part for me sometimes is messin' with things that don't need it? I'm trying very hard to overcome this!
Yes the crx was like the prelude. You don't see to many these day's. I've had a couple integra's one basicaly for parts but I drove it home. Don't you sometimes wish you kept every car you ever owned?
They encourage this.
I,m not so sure as to respond that you are encouraged to sleep in your garage. I would wonder significantly If she had no problem co signing to support your "habit"?
The more I think about it. The CRX was respected. I dated a gal that had a two tone blue/grey w/ red pinstripes. That and the prelude, buddy of mine had a silver one. Those were kinda like status cars. They have there own stigma. Not practable for everybody.You have good taste? By all means let me know how tuning goes.
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I'm pretty down about all this.
I hear you, and yeah those cams ain't looking to sexy. Hard to tell, but the crank gear as to what I can see of it looks a little "pointy". Like it to is worn? I tell ya I'm going with 06-08 TSX cams. Somebody might correct me but it seems that somebody can say something bad has happened no matter what aftermarket cams there running? Like if it's not today it 's tomorrow? The TSX cams technicaly are considered stage 2, but that in it's self is a lose term. I believed I mentioned that if vtech was pulled back to 45* it was done for a bit of wiggle room so as not to tap a piston.That's a good thing? If you got good compression that's half the battle?
Your not ready to tune yet. So is the shop checking over the trans? You probably wouldn't be happy if you rubbed the fender 3 times and the car rolled over and said "I'm all better now?" Your steady knocking it down. You have much to be happy about. I've been rebuilding my engine for the last couple years...for perspective? lol
A set of cams is not the end of the world. Just chose wisely as to what you want out of the car. A bunch of hassle down the road or something you would feel comfortable passing down to one of your daughters? That car sat awhile? IDK but how do cams get that pitted? You can get cams reground also. If there as meaty as I think they are you would have room for that? I was going to go with an "endurance" grind but decided on the tsx,s cuz I got a good deal on them. I wont name or quote but they were resonable to regrind. I'd have to check my notebook! Ok fine talk to BC. I appreciate the pics it puts things in perspective. You have much to work with and much to be happy about. When you think about it?
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I wonder if I get it tuned anyways and f it.
No offense. YOUR PISSING in the wind to tune now. Were in the same boat. I'll try to get you some picks as to what I'm putting together. I have an extra set of 06-08 tsx cams bonafied and in good shape. I don't know what compression your at but the car has been heavily breathed on top to bottom then they drove the shit out of it and sold it to you. It's gonna be alright. On ebay I have 200+ at 100% I could care or not weather the cam's sit. I don't have to go feed them. You need to go over your valve train as to springs. but the tsx cams and the like don't need much extra pressure. There considered "bolt in's". Your a rockstar and you don't even know it yet. Keep the faith. I don't wanna be out of line just say'n? don't take my word for it. Your doing the work.
And here is some other stuff i am aware of now. The cut is whatever nuts break. The oblong hole explains the wandering
Oh just weld it up and quit whining. :) "Rockstar" Your getting over or under every hurdle....At a pretty good pace. The head of that bolt could have hidden the elongation and stumped somebody for a long time. Myself included thats not what I would have looked for right off. Pretty soon you'll have this thing done. Then what? I thought you took it around the block the other day. Is this not enough to keep you out of trouble.:geek: he he I'll get back on the other in a minute.
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