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said id throw up a thread on this as im new to the forum

heres a few pics of when i got the car back in november 2011

first thing i did was swap the gearboxs over from my ek9 to the eg6, the ek9 had a 98 spec S80 wit 96 spec 4th and 5th, the eg6 gearbox was a 96 spec s80, also got a teg r gear linkage an fitted it too, car feels 100 times nicer wit the new box an linkage, i was already trying to sell the ek9 a few weeks at this stage so i swapped the gearboxes and dropped the price of the ek9, its now sold to a lad in wexford,

cheeky pic before we started!

started collectin few bits for d car then to make er me own, got 50/50 rear lights an a set of jap pressed plates,
only pic i hav of them on d car, :facepalm:

went off an got a set of 96 spec teg drives as mine were knockin, got a set of teg r anti roll bars to try an make the handlin of the eg a bit better, an also got a tegiwa half rad,

went off then an picked this up on xmas eve, a small present from me to myself! :vtec:
K20 :twisted:

engine is out of a DC5

finally started the build :bananna:

started stripping the car, an took out the engine an box and all hubs as im goin for a 5 stud conversion, heres the only pic i hav of the car wid engine out,

picked up the 5 stud conversion
and my new wheels arrived yesterday, buddyclub P1's :hi:

il be undersealing the car later tonight an should be collecting a polly bushing kit,

was out at the car again an got a good bit done, stripped down the whole shell to underseal it an put in the polly bush kit i picked up today, was very happy with the condition off the shell, no major rust problems thank fuk!! :hi: few pics of how the car stands now,

hav been collectin a few parts for the build the last couple of weeks i said id throw em up,

new RSM

picked up a set of ksport coilovers and D2 lower control arms

energy suspension polybushin kit

heres a quick pic of the bay cleaned up,

the car as it stands now is fully undersealed and hav all the pollybushing done, im waiting on my new drilled and grooved discs and my wheels to come bak from powder coating before i can hav a rolling shell again, Then the engine can start to be fitted, :hi:

got the undersealing finished on the car an its dry!

bolted bak in the polybushed subframe put on the hubs and put in the coilovers!

collected the wheels, delighted how they came out, still havta put in the center caps an order the P1 Racing stickers an theyll be done!

my new discs arrived today aswell!

more parts! :hi:

So anyway, heres a pic of the recaro's there actually wat I call MINT!! :bananna:

also got these, black housing headlights and amber corners, also in very good condition,

only 1 or 2 bits left to get for the car aside from all the conversion parts which will be ordered shortly,

Another update!

Got these parts out of honda on friday, few clips an small bits that were needed, got 16 brand new chrome wheel nuts an a set of honda lock nuts, i would recomend anyone getting lock nuts to pay the bit extra an get the honda ones, each set are unique an if you loose the nut u can get a replacement out of honda,

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got the brake calipers painted the new discs on the car, also got tires fitted to the new P1's, still havta get brake pads, but other than that i finally hav a rolling shell again!!! :hi:
few pics,

forgot to put the centercaps in the wheels for the pics :facepalm: but you get the idea, :thumbup:

picked up all the the rest of the parts i need for the conversion yesterday, i got 440cc injectors, a Golden eagle fuel rail and feul reg, full length Alloy rad, Dc sports 4 branch, conversion Drives and Mounts an RBC intake and a hondata kpro, :hi: even had to buy the engine so jaime would break the car, :facepalm: the engine wil be up for sale soon if anyone would b interested in it drop me a pm, :thumbup: startin the conversion tomoro and hope to hav it done by next weekend, :bananna: no pics up for now but will get some tomoro as were puttin in everythin,

so started to make some head way with this, got the mounts fitted the car last night, also got the the engine and box back together an put the loom on the engine, engine is ready to be dropped in, didn do it last nite as was too late an decided to leave it, shoud hav it in later tonight, :thumbup:
few pics :vtec:

loom, fuel rail, an RBC all fitted, :thumbup:

changed the waterpump on the engine an couldn believe how fresh the inside of the engine is, :bananna:

rear conversion mount and driver side mount fitted, passenger side mount is on the gear box,

Engine fitted!! :bananna:

Here is my powersteering setup, im using the dc5 power steering pump an a cusom made bracket, and mounted where the air con used to be, few pics,

just a quick pic of where we are now on the car,

so i got the car cranked last nite, she started first go after a few cough's an splutters!! :yahoo: so the last few bits are being finished gauges and an rsm havta b wired in an the interior havta b put baak in as well as a load of other stuff, few pics of how she is now!

so i got the car finished yesterday evenin bit late for tullow but i didn really care, car is drivin grand only problem is the lambda is gone in er so shes not 100%, shes still not lazy doh, :lol!: the torque in her feels unreal, put the foot down in 6th an shel start pullin away, :hi:

anyway enough talk an a few pics!

and a quick vid of how she sounds with the N1

so got d car mapped on saturday by AP-Perfprmance, and he done a ridiculous job on the car, ha stayed at the car on the dyno until he had got every bit of power that was to be got out of the car, he must hav done at least 60 runs on the dyno, an then we went out on the road to giv it a final tweak, the end result was 240.2 bhp and 167.5 torque, :yahoo: was very happy with the figures and how the car feels and goes now, was told to get a better exhaust manifold and bigger catback and i could get bigger figures, anyway few pics an vids of the dyno and the aftermath! :smiles:

on the dyno

4th gear pass

cumin off the toll bridge earlier today 0-120 :winks:

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so in the pursuit of more power i picked up this hytech kswap mani and and a Skunk2 Megapower R 70mm just a few more bits to collect an il go for the remap, il keep ye updated!

Few pics


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