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Well ive owned the car about 7-8 months now,

Unfortunatly i dont have any pics of the build as a company built the car, (Unfortunatly i wouldnt have full knowledge to do one myself)

Basically this is what i got;

So my spec list is as follows,

Euro K20a2 Ep3 engine,
Hasport shafts,
Hasport mounts,
Kpro (Base map:()
Prelude radiator,
Dc sports Manifold,
Skunk2 exhaust system,
Aem fuel rail,
Aem regulator,
Uprated fuel pump,
Dc5 gearbox with LSD,
Relocated air filter in front bumper,
2.2 prelude Brakes and discs,

Car made 236bhp or 206whp and 167lbft of torque, i was pleased with the result for a base map.

Other parts on the car include,

EVO 7 recaro seats front and back,
Black SIR dash conversion,
SIR white clocks,
DC2 steering wheel,
Mugen front lip,
Spoon rear spoiler,
Type r rear lip,
Full respray in EVO 9 blue,

15" Lenso wheels, 195 50 15 toyo Proxes T1r's

Here are a few old pics i have,

Here is a video of it rolling from 2nd to 6th

Only problems ive had with it have been,

Ive smashed a sump on my way home from a drag strip over here,

The roads are just a disgrace here,

And i had a short on one of the wires on one of my injectors and it was messing things up,

I hope to get some parts this weekend,

Skunk2 camber adjustables front the front,

New coilovers,

An electric power steering pump,

Get my new ball joints and track rod ends in and my wishbones with my freshly pressed poly bushings,

Ill need some new LCA,s aswell so i was thinking about the k sport ones...

But i do have the car up for sale aswell so im in 2 minds about buying more parts????

Anyway all comments welcome,

Thanks for looking:cool:

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Well the car was off the road for about 3 weeks are so,

Had a few bits replaced.

New hassport rear mount plate,
New upper and lower ball joints,
Got my front poly bushings in,
Bought some bc racing coilovers,
Got some amber corners for the US look lol,
Skunk 2 front camber adjusters,

Got an electric power steering pump,

So i just have to wire a realy and a get some lines sorted for it and ill pop that in,

Only other plans i have in mind are,

An RBC mani,
Rcrew exahaust mani,

And try to get a quieter exhaust, maybe the HKS silent power??

Couple of pics i had on the pc,


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Just a few small updates,

I changed my seats at the weekend, sold the evo 7 ones and got some dc2 red recaros,
Think they suit the car alot better,

The car was at the spray shop as someone reversed into my back bumper and chipped the paint, so i got that fixed and resprayed the front aswell as there was some stone chips on it,

I bought an RBC mani off a miaep3 on here hope to get that fitted sone along with a Karcepts CAI and RBS adatpter plate,

Thinking of getting my wheels sprayed black next??? matt ot gloss finish not sure yet.

Some pics,

Sorry for the quality taken on a phone.

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:up: Looks nice man
Looks great! Could you show some pics of the electric power steering.
Thanks for the comments. I hope to mock up the power steering over the weekend. Have to get some custom lines made up for the inlet and return. Also have to wire a switch and a relay to power the pump. Ill put some pics up when i put it in.
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