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IPS, where is it located?

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Is the IPS cam's discussed in this forum the same IPS company in Everett,MA?
Sorry if this is a noob question, but if it is they just earned some business :D

And again sorry if this is the wrong forum, but they seem to be NA orientated so yeah :p
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edo said:
Check out Hondata's website for more in-depth explanation of the 05 ECU architecture:

I have no idea what Toda's final ITB application will be. In the past they have built their B-series around Toyota 4AG throttles, which are way too small for the K20A(2). They're smart enough to know that it isn't sufficient, so they're probably working hard to beat Lance Hayward's street friendly ITB setup that bolts right in and clears the hood. Lance's ITB's are modular: 48-54mm, so you can custom tailor your powerband for your driving style and application. TWM's are race only and require modification to the power steering/alternator/water casting as well as to the hood. Not for the faint of heart. Ask evilxkid for feedback, as he's the only one I know of that has owned both setups.

what about jenvey's?
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