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The problem that others will see is that the dynographs seem low by comparison, but keep in mind I did not tune today, the humidity here is 55% and the elevation is over 1000 ft. above sea level. I am pleased to say that on the same dyno, with 30% more humidity, there was a nice flattening of the powerband and a gain on the secondary lobe of 9+ hp over my old well-tuned ITR setup. The only thing I did to the IPS calibration is clean up the composite fuel map. I did those so that I could get a baseline for tuning, which should yield even better numbers of course.

Atlanta sucks for power numbers. An S2000 with an AEM only made 187 hp here, so there is a large disparity in the powers when compared to California (damn elevation and wet air :laughing: ).

My computer crapped out too, so tuning was halted.

Look how flat the powerband peaked and flattened out. Damn Honda intake manifolds.

The green has a dip because of me testing VTEC engagement. Red is the old ITR graph.

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