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This has been a long work in progress but finally we are at the point that we can start making the first test passes and getting this new 2006 Honda Civic Si FG2 chassis dialed in. We purchased this car probably close to a year ago with the plans of turning it into a drag car and working on it as time allowed delayed us a bit more than expected but a last minute push to get it ready for the 2013 Honda Day Orlando drag event got us track ready and off to a great start.

The drivetrain in the car is the exact same engine/transmission setup that we have been running for the last couple of years in our EG All Motor Car (which has been sold off as a chassis and being put back together to continue to run by the new owner). This change to the newer body style has been very well received by our friends, fellow racers and customers so the decision so far has been the correct one. Now we have to take the time and do the testing to learn how this car wants to go down the track so we can still be a competitive car in the class.

Here is the basic synopsis of what is installed on the car currently:

Engine makes approximately 350 Wheel Horsepower

Weight — 2150 lbs with driver.

K24A1 Block with a K20A2 Cylinder Head
105mm Stroke Crankshaft — 90mm Bore Pistons (14:1 ish Compression Ratio)
Drag Cartel or Inline Pro CNC Cylinder Head
Drag Cartel Stage 5 Camshafts
Kinsler 64mm Individual Throttle Bodies
ASP Custom Race Header
Mezeire Electric Water Pump
Weldon 2015 Fuel Pump
-10AN Fuel Feed Line
-6AN Fuel Return Line
Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator
ID 1000cc Fuel Injectors
Motec M800 EMS
Custom Drag Cartel Engine Wiring Harness
PPG 4 Speed Gearset with 4.7 Final Drive
Driveshaft Shop Level 3.9 Axles
Quaife LSD
Custom 1 Gallon Fuel Cell
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator with IPG -12AN Radiator Line Kit
16V AntiGravity Battery

2006 Honda Civic Si
Mazworx 5 Point Roll Bar
RCI 5 Point Cam Lock Harness
Kirkey Pro Street Drag Seat
Progress Auto Coilovers
Weld Alumastar 13×9 Front Wheels – Custom 5×114.3 Centers
Weld Alumastar 15×3.5 One Piece Rear Skinnies
MT 24.5 x 9 x 13 Front Drag Slicks
M&H 24 x 3.6 x 15 Rear Tires
Single Piston Wilwood Front Drag Brake Kit
Hasport Engine Mounts
AIM MXL Strada Dash

YouTube Vid:

Full Story and Pictures Here:

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what was the time difference between this chassis and the older gen?

nice vid :D
Our best time in the White EG was a 10.2 @ 131 mph, We ran a 10.9 @ 125 mph this past weekend in the new chassis. The 60' time needs some sorting out still, And we need to get airflow to the ITB's, Then we should be in really good shape. The goal is to at least be running 10.20s by World Cup Finals - Import vs. Domestic in November with it.

That gearset going strong for so long says alot. How many passes/miles do you think have been ran through those gears?
The gearset has been great, The only regular maintenance needed is the second gear needs recut after every 30ish passes. This box has well over 100 passes on it.

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We are finally back in the office and getting back into the swing of things after last weeks WCF Race at MIR. We had alot of electrical issues with the car all weekend but still managed to run a personal best of [email protected] which is a step in the right direction! I am excited for next year as i think we have a very competitive car on our hands once all the bugs are worked out.

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