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We competed in the last rally of the season this past weekend at the International Rally New York. It was a 2 day event FIA format, Friday and Saturday racing and Thursday doing the recognition passes.
This is a rally that is notorious for being one of the most unforgiving and roughest in the United States. (As an example one of the competitors blew the struts straight through the hood on one of the night stages!)

Anyways, we were running the new surface treated 6.33 Gear-X final drive was impeccable, absolutely loved it with the Type-R gear ratios which lets me use all gears, we were starting in 2nd gear on the flats to keep down the wheel spin and in 1st gear on the up hills so that we wouldn't bog too much. On the fast sections we were actually shifting into 6th gear, therefore, the 6.33 allowed us to use the full potential of the gearbox. Also the P-CI LCA Spherical Bearing on the front control arms worked flawlessly the whole time with now 2 events on them, they still look new with no play in them. Amazing after the beating they took on those rough stages. Perfect turn in even on loose surfaces.

We started off on Friday with an incredible pace for a Production car beating not only the rest of the Production field but also the faster 2wd classes and even some AWD turbo cars. We were flat out the fastest 2wd car. It was not all glory because on the 5th stage a tree jumped out from the side of the road so we killed it!!! But still continued with nothing but slight body damage on the driver's side and a bruised ego :) We managed to finish the stages for Friday, but at the last service at night we noticed that the skid plate that protects the sump had broken in one of the rough stages or jumps, and that the gearbox case had cracked and was leaking. Given that, we couldn't continue the next day so we just retired, but we left with a sweet taste of a job well done on Friday and that the car setup is now perfect.

There are quite a few blokes from the Irish and Polish rally scene that have contacted me with regards to the success I’ve had with the Gear-X products (5.46, 5.84 and 6.33) and the reliability it has provided, because the new Gear-X Straight Cut final drive gears are about to be released in an effort to curb the havoc that Irish Tarmac Rallying is creating with the ongoing destruction of driveline components.
Gear-x has been testing sample Forgings manufactured by different gear component manufacturers, and is working with a renowned California Metallurgist and destructive engineer in an effort to come up with quality gears that will withstand the horrendous shock loads created in this sport. Always staying one jump ahead of the opposition, Gear-X use several different manufacturers throughout the world and they Track and Rally test and prove their own parts rather than just copy proven products and have them reproduced by the cheapest supplier… Gear-X is currently working with an Eastern European manufacturer to produce their own unique Honda Dog Box, and also a real competition Plate type LSD. AWESOME.

With this last Rally of the Season behind us we barely have time to catch our breath before starting the usual off season rebuild. We look forward to an exciting and successful 2009 Rally Season with the continued support of GEAR-X, Special Projects Motor Sports, Performance Friction Brakes, Team O’Neil Rally School, J.A.C. and everybody that helped us during this season. Good luck to all the Rally Competitors for 2009.

Paul Ferreira

Some pictures and a video.

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