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I got bored tonight so i started to compare part numbers..... after i was checking out some specs while tearing down my TSX engine for the build....

check the part numbers on different years for the conclusion.

15830-PNC-003 VALVE ASSY., VTC OIL CONTROL 1 2004 Acura RSX 96.33 77.06 (2002-2004)

15830-RBB-003 VALVE ASSY., VTC OIL CONTROL 1 2004 Acura TSX 94.45 75.56 (2004+)

15830-RBB-003 VALVE ASSY., VTC OIL CONTROL 1 2005 Acura RSX 94.45 75.56 (2005+)

Seems the VTC from the RSX-S 2005 is the same as the TSX, meaning the oil pressure would be provided to rotate the cams to 50, not only 25.

another interesting fact.

14620-PNA-020 ARM ASSY., ROCKER 8 2004 Acura RSX 242.58 194.06

14620-PNA-030 ARM ASSY., ROCKER 8 2005 Acura RSX 242.58 194.06

14620-PNA-020 ARM ASSY., ROCKER 8 2004 Acura TSX 242.58 194.06

14620-PNA-030 ARM ASSY., ROCKER 8 2005 Acura TSX 242.58 194.06

a company has mentioned the rocker arm ratio was 1.75 on the intake and 1.74 on the exaust but.... why is the rockers directly reversable, and the ratio is off. the sliders and everything is a dead mirror. (hmm... )

the rocker arms are the same all true vtec style, the very interesting part is, that the shafts on the A3's can have the valve train components of the A2 series, however no lost mostion assembly holes. and minus the exaust oil holes for the rocker assembly vtec feed.

i'll know everything else in a few days, the build is allready underweigh. mesuring specs have allready begun, claying will be soon done on the new Cores.

Should be fairly interesing new few days.

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Very good information. I am sure it has to do with making production more efficient. The big brother k24a from the TSX is a very interesting motor.

Can't wait to see more interesting findings from you, including the final motor dynoed.

For your information, Hotwheelz was the first guy I know off that k proed the TSX motor in his RSX.. The torque on stock internals was close to 180 annd the potential for big power is there.

Without exagreration, the results from his r&d will change the way K series are viewed from now on. I am pretty confident about that.


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The K20A(2) intake and exhaust rocker arm ratios are not 1.75 and 1.74.

I cannot speak to any alleged misprint or typos in the Acura/Honda parts system, but we have verified that the resultant rocker arm ratio as measured by complete valvetrain geometry analysis, is not identical between intake and exhaust. You may have discovered that the parts may physically interchange, but that does not mean that it is correct or proper to do so.

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