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Hi everyone,
I haven't been on for a while due to work and just being really busy but I figured I would tell about my car and whats going on with it. A little info about me, I am a technician at monro brake/tire. I go to college at Pennsylvania College of technology for Automotive, bachelors degree. I plan on buying a crashed 05-06 rsx type-s and using almost everything out of that and then selling the left over parts i don't need to make most of my money back. I also work 30 hours a week and have been slowly saving so it is not going to be an overnight project but I think it will be done within two years. I just want to throw some ideas out there and see how people react. I'm also going to try to make it a really money efficient build by using mostly lightly used parts instead of brand new it does save a lot of money and you still get the same product so why not. Ok well I have a 2001 Integra ls. It started as a b18b1 non vtec manual. I drove it for about 5 months and had a lot of fun with it but I hydrolocked the motor and instead of sticking with the b18 and everything else along with it I completely stripped it to the bare frame to redo every knick and cranny of the car. The shell had 140000 on it but it was a very clean car I took really good care of it. It was a lot cleaner then I thought it would be. So heres the build.

K20z1 (05-06 Rsx type S)
Skunk 2 Valves, Retainers, Springs
Skunk 2 Stage 2 Tuner cams
Skunk 2 Pro series cam gears
Blueprint, balance crank
11:8 CP pistons
Eagle H-beams

Tien ss coilovers
ASR Rear swaybar brace combo 24mm
Type R front sway bar
Skunk 2 rear LCA
beaks lower tie bar
full race traction bar
password jdm strut bars
Custom roll cage
Skunk2 Camber kit
Energy suspension bushing kit

Willwood 6 piston
custom lines
willwood 4 piston rear

5zigen pro-c rims 17x8 (custom gold)

new generation tl gregio metallic paint full shell/ body
Crowhouse rear bumper
Type r spoiler
seibon cf roof, hood, hatch
JDM front
Spoon front spoiler
mugen side skirts
flex lite windows (ex. windshield)

RSX dash conversion (about cluster/radio surround peice wrapped in bride material?)
JDM rsx center console
Bride zeta 3 type-s seats
Custom radio area of dash (radio delete and custom plate to hold 3 gauges diagnally and where the a/c heat controls are i will put the edfc and then save the vent to the left for boost after college).

Thats not everything but I think you get the idea. I am looking to weigh in about 2400lbs and put out about 240-250 to the wheels. I am just so sick of seeing people put shame to our cars with hidious body kits and underglow I want to show people what a honda can really be. Any input is appreciated.

Here are some pics of the car before and after.. After pics are not up to date I have been at college so I havent been able to put any time into it lately.

These cars are a big inspiration for my build

I am hoping the body/ suspension will be done by the end of the upcoming summer and then i will have the rest done the summer after that. Updates will be pouring in during the spring/ summer so stay tuned!

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gl bro! keep us updated! :up:

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Thanks everybody I will keep you as updated as I can. Like I said I don't have much time to actually work on the car but as the money starts coming in I am going to start buying a lot of parts. And to the first comment... "are they still doing big body kits and underglow up there lol", yes and it is horrible. There are many reasons behind my build but that is one of them. I absolutely hate ricer cars it puts a shame on us. Anyway will be updatting soon

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Integra will be coming along faster than I thought. I'm leaving Williamsport and going home so I will have a lot of time to work on the car and start ordering parts and hopefully really get this project underway. When I get home I will Post some more pics of the current state of the car and hopefully you guys can see some progress soon!!!
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