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Installing a new clutch in a ep3

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Can someone give me some details on what to remove or some quick tips on changing my clutch. I have a jrsc also. Will it have to be removed also. Help please. Thanks.
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hey buddy, clutch is about a 5 on the sclae of diffculty:

remove intake and remove cotter pins conecting the two cables to the stick, unbolt the mount for the cables

remove the bolts securing the clutch line (once this is done DO NOT push in the clutch) the thing does pop out, but you can press it back into the slave cylinder by hand no biggie

jack up car as far as axle stands will allow

remove rims

carefully unbolt the knuckle from the shocks, careful the axles may separate at the cv, but don't sweat it, its realy easy to pop them back in

take off the spindle nut (after taking out the divit into the axle with a screwdriver)

yank the driver side axle out

remove the half shaft cover and moutning bolts than yank out the passanger axle (will require a prybar)

then put the jack beneath the motor (not the tranny)

procced to lossen the engine mounts on the subframe

drop the subframe

remove tranny (this can be a bitch)

you will need a 12 point ratchet set to remove the flywheel

replace the clutch (make sure to buy an alignment tool)

buy a new throw out bearing from the dealer

now for the hardest part, to get the tranny back on, you have to kick the shit out of it and wiggle it a lot to get the shaft on there, and then to seal the deal. I personally got it in about an inceh away, and then started toquing the bolts, don;t go crazy though, don;t want to strip any threads

not, slap the axles back in after coating the tips in oil, blah blah blah, if yuo need the manual send me a pm, and I''' email it to you.

btw: I replace spindle nuts after pulling the axles twice, may want to do it for shits and giggles now


p.s. hit me up if you get an lsd, that it a bit more complicated!
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