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ok so i have an ek hatch with a k20a2 swapped in it. block and head are stock. my bolt on mods are as follows:

bbk 75mm throttle body
custom ips style intake manifold
ssr header
3" custom exhaust with no cat

right now money is non existant so i can't really do anything for a couple months. plus not having a garage and working on a car in minus 50 degree celsius weather is not my idea of fun.

i'm being set up with k-pro soon. after k-pro i'm thinking of slowly building my car. start with the head ie. port and polish, new valve train, and some cams. but in the future i plan on doing the k24 frank setup. so i was wondering if you guys could help me out with which company makes the best valvetrain for all motor. also what kinda cams that would work with this setup but also benefit in the future when i do the k24 build. thanks

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im using supertech valvetrain w/hytech problems...had them since nov 07.

hey I have a set of brand new supertech dual valvesprings and retainers for $330
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