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Ok i found this as i need to know if my RC 440 are enough for my build.
i always see the question being asked on here "What size injectors do i need?" so here a little help. Some one else might of posted this idk.

(Most injectors will max. out at 80% Duty Cycle and this is the accepted Industry standard.)

Change Horsepower, B.S.F.C., Duty Cycle and number of injectors as required for your application.
Divide required Horsepower by number of injectors used --- (200 HP / 4 INJ.) = 50 HP PER. INJ.
(50HP X .50 B.S.F.C.) = 25 Lbs/Hr – (25 Lbs/Hr / .80% Duty) = 31.25 Lbs/Hr Static flow rate.
31.25 Lbs/Hr X 10.50 = 328 cc/Min. Static flow rate required.
Because different computer injector drivers respond at different rates, and injectors have different response times, all flow rates are static - (wide open) at 43.5 P.S.I.G. This Standard Test allows us to accurately compare injectors of different types and flow rates, regardless of computer type or OEM pressure used

Thank you, King motorsports.
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