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hi guys.

i am fairly sure that i am the first true hybrid K series racecar on the east coast running the K20A2 swap. here is out first race; it was the East vs. West Honda Challenge Roadracing Championship held out at Mid Ohio Racetrack last weekend. keep in mind, the car was finished on thursday night at 11:50 pm, started up, warmed up, and driven on the trailer! this racecar is basically "seat of the pants" tuned; no dyno time. couldn't have done the swap without the help of Hybrid Imports (thanx Supafly and Jon!!!!). These guys really know the EG K swap in and out, mechanically and electrically. call them if you plan to do the swap; it will save you tons of headaches, believe me!! Northend Service in Aberdeen was also indispensible; they made a custom, one off header for the car in 24 hours!!!! and helped with most all other aspects of the swap, too. motor is internally stock, with stock type S cams, and a little of Northend's "magic" racing head service. i'm running the Kpro ecu, with a generic Type r program from the list. shift points are approx. 8200 rpm. she PULLS!!!!! down the backstretch, i was showing 7800 rpm in 5th, with the stock FD and stock Type S 6 speed tranny. thats MOVING in a EG Civic hatch :D it was passing cars right and left with ease, including Type R powered racecars. i can't imagine what it would be like with Type R cams in it and a really good tune. yum yum.....

the start of the race, seen below, was super hectic. the little angel sitting on my shoulder said "take it easy, man; a pileup is imminent!" and so it was.... after starting 21st (poor qualifying, still sorting the car a little) i moved up to 7th overall, and had the lead pack in my sights. couldn't catch them, but i tried! :)

and that was with discarded 205 Toyo RA-1 tires on the car; front packers were mostly running the new Hoosier 225 S-04 tires; mega sticky and fast tires; probably worth 2-3 secs at least over the Toyo. just way too rich for my liking, though. those suckers are some $$$ and are generally only good for about 3 days or so. the Toyos wear like iron, and are cheap; hell, the ones i picked up were free! :)

here's a couple of vids (sorry for the grainy quality): please right click and saveas:

action packed, huh? that start was super hectic, especially with the car in front of me having it's hood rip open and smash the windshield! and then the huge pileup in the back section of the track.... and all the blown engines (days of thunder smoke levels, man!).

hope you guys like!

todd reid
#11 H1 Honda Civic DX Type S

ps i'm still looking for one more sponsor; need someone to sponsor me for tires; still got some realestate on the car for that; any takers??
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