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IL: 96 Civic Hatchback - K20A - BW S366 - 600hp

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I was asking/sold it for $8,250
Located an hour West of Chicago, IL.

Brief History
I've owned the car for the past 4 years, daily drove it for the first 3 months and from then on it was stored every winter. Only drove on nice days since and I would say I've put 3,000 miles on the car. I recently had the car on the dyno, it made over 600hp and 400tq @ 22psi on the stock long block. Tuned by Mikey @ ProFunction. Prior to that the car never saw above 6,000rpms due to an improper manifold/wg/turbo setup that produced a mere 300hp on 3psi. The BRMS manifold, S366, wg, ID2000's, AEM rail, Bosch 044, fuel line, FPR, fabbed IC piping, wg dump, DP, exhaust, and of the course the tuning were done by Pat and Mikey at ProFunction. With that said, the motor is strong and I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere.

Reason for selling
Unfortunately due to some family circumstances I am forced to sell. Also, not looking for trades.

If you're looking for a nice and quiet daily driver with perfect paint, a/c, heat, cruise control, abs, power steering, power locks, power windows, etc..this isn't the car for you. This has the "sleeper" appeal, stock exterior, stock interior, isn't too low but has a decent amount of power to fool just about anyone! Please feel free to ask me any questions in this thread, through PM's or email me at cpollare1 @ Gmail.
Thank you

The chassis
-100k on the chassis
-64k on the motor/trans
-zero rust, southern car

-k20a DC5 Type R (stock long block)
-k24 steel oil pan
-Hasport mounts, standard inserts
-Full size Koyo radiator
-ID2000cc injectors, -6 lines, AEM fuel rail, Earls fuel filter, Aeromotive fpr
-Bosch 044 inline & Walbro 255 intank
-Blue Ridge Motorsports T4 sidewinder manifold
-3.5in exhaust that dumps before the rear seats
-Borg Warner S366
-3/8 oil feed and -10 drain
-Precision 46mm wg
-Tial 50mm bov
-2.5in IC piping
-XS Power fmic
-KTuned Billet TPS

-Y2M3 DC5 Type R 6spd
-Comp flywheel and clutch
-DSS stg2.9 axles

-5 lug conversion
-rear disc
-Type R wheels (white)
-tires F 225/50/15 BFG Drag Radial R 205/50/15 Falkens
-Tein coilovers
-Skunk2 UCA
-Omni Power rear LCA

-rust free
-LSB engine bay/jams w/flat black exterior (single stg flat black, not the best but not the worst)
-oem bumpers
-99/00 front end swap
-jdm side markers

-oem grey interior; carpet, seats, armrest
-Momo steering wheel
-nrg quick release

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SOLD, thanks to a forum member.
I had to do a double take just to make sure I saw the price correctly. Great deal.
Nice price ! Can't build it for that price that's for sure , nice build
I had to do a double take just to make sure I saw the price correctly. Great deal.
I made this thread in Nov. and it sold in May so I guess few thought it was actually a great deal!

A previous owner actually bought it back!

Nice price ! Can't build it for that price that's for sure , nice build
I received daily low ball offers of 6-7k and I always replied with; I encourage you to build an identical car or find another thats asking what I am with similar mods. There are 2 other k swaps for sale around me and both are NA. Basic bolt-ons asking 9k..

Thanks for the compliments, makes it all worth it hearing some positive words!
Wow you sold it for pretty cheap

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