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I have a k20a2 EG with bolts on and a 50 shot. Cruising on DRs.
I came across a
300zx with full exhaust, (dont know much about these but i know they come twin turbo'd and no turbo but this one was turbo'd). it sounded mean as shit when it dropped down. I pulled away a few cars, didnt race long.
foxbody mustang S/C'd. he was spinning his ass off, probably wouldve beat me if he had some tires on it.
EF with a b18 type r. cool guys but wouldnt tell me much. it was close in 1st and 2nd but then 3rd I started pulling away pretty hard. I spun a lot
sti with front mount and bolt ons. turbo lag ftl.
05-06 rsx type s with bolt ons. pulled away obviously.

Wish I had some video but my car was running great and all the above cars listed were great races and great sportsman. I was getting a lot of :up:

overall, Fun night.
Thanks. feedback is welcome!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts