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I need explicit directions for charging harness

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Ok, so I'm looking at the RSX charging harness and the stock eg fuse box with battery terminals. What do I have to do? Can someone post some pics or really detailed instructions on what to do? I have come this far and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm clueless right now. I'd really appreciate it.

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So i just picked up my K24A2 today (big thanks to Nikos) and was checking it out looks very nice. So my question is the charge harness that came with the K24 looks identical to the RSX type S charge I saw the other day at the Acura dealership and to the one posted here in the pics. So can you use any K series charge harness for some reason i thought i read somewhere that you needed an RSX. Will this charge harness work.
Does the inline fuse need to be any certain amp... And is it completely necessary? Can't you just cut out the battery terminal and solder the two ends back together?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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