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Re: i like to share a little about my k24 eg 292hp 205-tourqe

wassup k20...just thought i post a thread about my 93 civic si sure you all have seen it here b-4...origanilly from new jersey, and now the car is in minnesota...when i had the car from LULU in new jersey, its old setup was

ported k20a2 head
super-tech valve trains
brian crower stage 3 cams
non-ported RBC intake manifold
standard sized 12.5 compression piston
blue print rods
DTR 4-1 header
clutch master stage 4 clutch
was tune by yosolo in new jersey on 103 octane putting out 277hp and 188tourqe

i did a few switches like swapping out the RBC manifold to a xcessive pro manifold, and i pulled out the brian crower cams and put in a fresh sets of skunk2 v3 stage 3 cams...running on 103 octane...also flew my man yosolo here to minnesota to get my car tune and my duals was all payed car now puts out 292hp and 205-tourqe...which takes top of the list for minnesota most horse power yeahhhhhhhhhh
i know they get those type of power or more in new jersey...but here in minnesota....its a kick ass thanks and shout out to my man yosolo for coming out here to get the job is what it is ya heard....if it wasnt for my man yosolo tunning it and i have someone else here in minnesota fawking with my shit...max i would probally put out would probally be close to humm i would say 240-250 hp...which is weakkkkkkkkkkkkk...but you all have to pay to
im really satisfy with the tunning and car pulls hard azz fawk...once again wanna thanks yosolo for coming out here to tune my shit and getting it to where it suppose to be where its at right now...
and as for yosolo, you know me and my boiz tried to get you crunk for the past 2 days you were up here but it didnt seem to work at all...we all are planning on again to get you back up here to tune our crews car...and believe me my friend...part2 of getting you crunk is coming up...stay tune for any hope to see you soon this summer for part the way...i hope you enjoyed the food i took you out to eat my some real asian shxt...haha

pics of the car b-4, new pics will be posted shortly... video is now posted on some love k20...and to my man's tha best my nikka

dyno machine was rented from Modern Auto Performance in plymoth MN
dyno jet...i will post new updates on how the car looks like now and dyno graph later on the evening so stay tune, and show some luv for all my k-luvers...also thanks Jordan for hooking me up with the plug...i still got you on lunch my
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