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I have all motor sickness..any one else have this?

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I got into Honda's in 99 and had a pretty mild car for two years. Did a sohc vtec swap in my CRX...then put some juice on it (75 shot). Car ran well but I wanted more...and I wanted the speed all the time. So I tore out my motor and I built the D. I got 152whp or so out of it and it was great right. Well I have some friends and the one guy has like 430whp in his fwd DSM. I mean his car hauls ass right so I start thinking about going turbo. Then I get caught up and build an Ls/vtec...all motor again..its fast and my friends are impressed...I am still thinking about turbo. Well the LS ended up bending a rod right under the pin, so I make it B20vtec....N/A again...start thinkin about turbo. Well then a few deals went by and I decided to put the b20 in a hatch I had...sold it and built an H22 hatch mild (didn't have much loot). So I sell it and I am thinking turbo for lust for the Kseries starts here. So I am thinking turbo the Kseries for damn sure! Then I start to see all this all motor potential and now I'm fu**ed again! I am never going to own a freaking 350+hp freakin Honda in my damn life because I am stupid over all motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the money I am spending making my CRX with a K20a happen I could have a 600hp bseries in this thing....what the hell is wrong with me. Is this happening to anyone else? I feel like my life in Honda's is being held back because of my sickness for all motor. I absolutely love the simplicity and the sound...the natural beast. No opportunity for someone I spank on to say "well yeah you won...your turbo'd...or yeah you won..why dont' you run me off the juice". For real...should I force myself to put an end to this...has this happened to anyone else? I mean some of you who have been in this for a while and have had several different setups...did you go big on a motor or stick with all motor?
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Yep, I've got a similar problem. I've done bits and pieces to my B16 over the past 3 years and was tossing up whether to stay NA or go FI. K20 conversions are pretty rare here in New Zealand so when I started making Big Plans I was leaning towards a turbo for the B, but the potential problems of boosting an engine designed for NA always worried me a bit. You could drop compression and run more boost for more power, but then off-boost driveability would suffer, etc.

Now I've seen non vtec run some impressive times with a still reasonably stock engine I've swung back to staying allmotor. I just feel a lot better knowing I'm only running a lightly tuned NA engine rather than a boosted NA engine.

I figure if I'm going NA then it's best to grab a K20 now and try and lead the pack rather than sink money into a B, which is still a damn good engine but is no longer the cutting edge. So in a few months I'll send my car off for a heart transplant rather than a pacemaker. :wink:
You mentioning EFs makes me wonder...

The value of AE86s firmed up when drifting really started to take off, so I wonder if the same will happen to EGs since they're gaining a reputation for being the "best" to swap a K into. :wink: Shame I've got an EK then. :(

Any idea when it'll be ready? I'm hoping to get my swap under way around April.

Cool, thanks. :)

(...and now back to discussions of allmotor sickness...)
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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