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I have all motor sickness..any one else have this?

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I got into Honda's in 99 and had a pretty mild car for two years. Did a sohc vtec swap in my CRX...then put some juice on it (75 shot). Car ran well but I wanted more...and I wanted the speed all the time. So I tore out my motor and I built the D. I got 152whp or so out of it and it was great right. Well I have some friends and the one guy has like 430whp in his fwd DSM. I mean his car hauls ass right so I start thinking about going turbo. Then I get caught up and build an Ls/vtec...all motor again..its fast and my friends are impressed...I am still thinking about turbo. Well the LS ended up bending a rod right under the pin, so I make it B20vtec....N/A again...start thinkin about turbo. Well then a few deals went by and I decided to put the b20 in a hatch I had...sold it and built an H22 hatch mild (didn't have much loot). So I sell it and I am thinking turbo for lust for the Kseries starts here. So I am thinking turbo the Kseries for damn sure! Then I start to see all this all motor potential and now I'm fu**ed again! I am never going to own a freaking 350+hp freakin Honda in my damn life because I am stupid over all motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the money I am spending making my CRX with a K20a happen I could have a 600hp bseries in this thing....what the hell is wrong with me. Is this happening to anyone else? I feel like my life in Honda's is being held back because of my sickness for all motor. I absolutely love the simplicity and the sound...the natural beast. No opportunity for someone I spank on to say "well yeah you won...your turbo'd...or yeah you won..why dont' you run me off the juice". For real...should I force myself to put an end to this...has this happened to anyone else? I mean some of you who have been in this for a while and have had several different setups...did you go big on a motor or stick with all motor?
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Well this thread didn't help me much. All I get to hear is a bunch of people jockin all motor. I am never gonna own a 350+hp Honda....I am cursed! I know that shouldn't be some kind of benchmark I just always wanted that 4th gear tire smoking street monster of a Honda. Unfortunately I dont' have enough money to all out build two cars...I just have enough for one. If I could build two this would be easy. I just am so damn addicted to all motor that everything else just seems too damn easy...cheating almost! Damn it.
Well I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I know at this point being my CRX has been sitting, all the rust repair I had to do, its need for paint, some other things, and the mere cost of getting the K20a itself plus making it run that it'll be till mid summer before I can make the true decision whether to pick up the throttle bodies I lust over or give in to the turbo urge. God...just me typing it I am thinkin no...the K20a has 11.5:1, its just doesn't want that damn turbo! I know whats gonna end up happening..I am gonna keep thinkin of those throttle bodies starin out from under that opened hood in my driveway scarin the locals.... :twisted: I just wish Brian would give me that damn EF kit already!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to right after Sema? I'm bein patient though...I'll wait....just as long as we don't go past March I'll be alright.
Its funny being on this site I tell you. Being on a K20 dedicated site makes me feel like everybody and thier brother is going to be rolling K swaps in a month..gets me all stressed out :lol: ...luckily I remind myself only about 5% of the total import enthusiast market will actually pursue the Kseries and can afford to buy and install (or pay to have installed) the swap. Then probably only a 8th of those folks will be in EF's. I should have my individuality.
Nikos...are you saying safe to assume April on this new EK kit, or April on the EF kit??
Dude, I think you need to go back and read my post. I am not sitting here asking for someone to blanket me with some simple ass wisdom as to how much pressure my throttle body should enjoy. I asked about those who have been all motor for years as I have, feeling as if they are holding themselves back. I love all motor applications, I always have, but I have started to question if its time to go for extreme power. I guess I must have made an error in thinking that I would ask fellow enthusiasts for an opinion in a situation only those enthusiasts may foolish of me.
Yep you summed the dilemna up well. Turbo's are rediculous power, N/A is awesome and holds a tremendous amount of respect. I love racing fools (fools is what they are and you'll see why in a sec.) N/A. I raced this older accord (only because he wouldn't stop riding my ass being queer) in my mild built H22 hatch a while back. Spanked him so bad it looked more like he slammed on his brakes than floored it...expected though from my end. He catches up after I get back to legal speed and this dude was all :shock: man how many lbs of boost you runnin? I'm like wtf are you talkin about, did you hear the car..N/A dude? He just laughs...and is like "whatever"..and drives away...haha. I am just thinkin, yeah he's queer but that was funny..he thought if its that fast, thats only the product of a turbo. N/A is just badass...I just have to accept it and thats it.
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