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Hybrid Racing's New Weighted Shift Knob (2nd Edition)

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we just got a big shipment of our new weighted shift knob design.

This shift knob weighs approximately 520 grams (in comparison, the Skunk2 weighted knob weighs 440 grams). That's more than 3x the weight of an equivalently sized 6061 aluminum knob and nearly 2x as much as an equivalently sized titanium knob. Each knob starts out as a forged steel blank. The blanks get turned to their spherical shape, and then they are drilled and tapped. Next, each knob has the "hr" logo cut into it on a high-precision 5-axis CNC mill. Finally, each knob gets a coat of Gunmetal Gray Metallic powder coat for a beautiful, durable finish.

Shifting becomes almost effortless when you upgrade to this from a lighter knob.The diameter of this knob is 50mm (1.97 inches). Overall height is 57.5mm (2.25 inches).

Price is $89.99 and these can be purchased at our site (link here).

These are available in both M10x1.5 and M10x1.25 threads.:

• 2003 - present Infiniti (all models with manual transmissions)
• 1992 - present Mitsubishi (all models with manual transmissions)
• 1989 - present Nissan (all models with manual transmissions)
• 1985 - present Mazda (all models with manual transmissions)


• 1988-present Honda (all models with manual transmissions)
• 1990-present Acura (all models with manual transmission)
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as always hybrid racing doing it up
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