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BUMP for a good price!!! Hey man i know this is completely off topic, but do you have k1 mounts on your ek? I would like to know cause I'm in the middle of putting ac on mine.
I have the hybrid-racing (innovative) for eg front crossmember...
I spent 1 year trying to get hybrid-racing to fix problems with the mounts... It was a back and forth conversation, and took forever to get anything sent out. Had to talk to innovative, b/c i had to cut the passenger side mount had to be cut down to fit, told i had the first kit made and also the trans mount wouldn't slide over the studs, Like all the mounts were machined wrong, Finally got a new trans mount but never got the passenger side billet mount that I needed ( one with the most problems) Will finally just refunded half the money back on them. Never heard back from innovative, But i know if the engine ever comes out, im going to buy hasports. But I know the ac kit would be very tight using the mounts that use the ek crossmember. (like with the slim fan) mounted on the front you should have plenty of clearance.
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