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I finally decided to make a IRC How-to guide.

First of all IRC is not like kazaa or other P2P programs. It is mostly used for chatting but as we will see, it can also be used for other purposes. I will try to make this guide as straight forward as possible. I do not agree with downloading illegal programs. You must leave this private site now. If you enter my site you are not agreeing to these terms and you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 This site does not support the use of Illegal downloading of any type of digital media.

Well first what yo want to do is go to and download the Mirc program NOTE: The new version that is on there, is only good for 30 days.

Version mirc603.exe is free

install it

Now, there are many irc networks you can connect too. Each network has channels. Think of it as a giant message board with individual rooms to discuss certain subjects. There are hidden channels you cannot see, private channels you cannot enter unless invited, etc....

Before we go online, we should adjust the Mirc program to make our life easier. Setting the correct settings is very inportant, and will make our IRC experience more pleasant

So once you click the Mirc icon or shortcut you will see the main box with options box open.

I will only talk about what I think is important. Once you follow my how-to, you are welocme to experiment with other options.

Use fake name, fake email address and choose 2 nicknames. A primary and an alternative in case the first choice is taken. If both nicknames are taken in the network you are going to be entering then at the command line you can type
/nick newnickname where newnickname is the new name you want to have

Now we need to make some changes in the dcc options.
So click on dcc options

and then make 2 changes.
Under DCC---- On send request, click on autoget file and choose resume

and at DCC--->folders select onDCC ignore disabled and unclick TURN IGNORE BACK ON. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT OPTION.

So now we are ready to connect.

Press ok in the options box and you should have only the status box with the command line.
Using the command line in not to connect but we will use it anyway :p

At the comand line type
and press enter.... You can go to any network you want. If I just using as an example. To find a list of networks, just type in google IRC networks.

Now let's continue...

Once you type /server, a few seconds will pass, you will hear a bunch of pings if your sound is on and eventually you will see a bunch of text..... *** Looking up your hostname...
- *** Checking Ident
- *** Found your hostname
- *** No Ident response
Welcome to the TrueIRC Netw.......

erase that list box that pops up and unlick it so it doesn't come up again.

Click on the "list channels" icon I showed you in the first picture and click on get list.

Ane windows will open with a few channels.
Go to the first and biggest one, called #smart-warez.
(you can also go there by writing in the command line
/join #smart-warez and pressing enter

Now once you are in there you will notice on the right side of the window a bunck of names. The ones at the top with @ in front of them are operators. They run the show, the can ban you, kick you out, help you out.... The users with + in front of them are servers that serve files. The netowrk links all these servers together and by being in this channel you can request their files.

Just stay in the channel for a few minuted and eventually you will see the bots (that is waht we call servers) list their files.

THis is how it will look like
<|-Sw-028-|> ** 3 packs ** 0 of 3 slot open, Queue: 5/100, Min: 1.0KB/s, Record: 79.9KB/s
<|-Sw-028-|> ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 54.0KB/s, Record: 80.3KB/s
<|-Sw-028-|> ** To request a file type: "/msg |-Sw-028-| xdcc send #x"
<|-Sw-028-|> #1  34x [793M] some movie
<|-Sw-028-|> #2  34x [793M] some other movie
<|-Sw-028-|> #3  34x [793M] some other other movie

So bot sw-028 has 3 files (packs) and 3 slots but none of them are open, 5 are waiting in line (queu)and the bandwidth record is 80kb/sec(very low).

So to requestr a file form that bot you need to type at the command line of the channel
/msg |-Sw-028-| xdcc send #x where x in the number you want.

Ok, let's close Mirc now.

Go to or or

These are sites that scan all the networks for files. try searching for a current movie for example like matrix.

It will show you a bunch of results. Each result will show you the network and the channel they are on.

If you click on the channel, most likely MIRC will start up and ask you if you want open a new connection. Then it will take you there and even open the channell for you. Now if you look at the results on the websites it even shows you which bot/server has the file. In some networks you can request a bot/server to list what they have.
Assuming you are in channel # test and by using you know that bot/server by the name xdxx-01 has the file you can try typing this at the commend line
/msg xdxx-01 xdcc list (xdxx is made up, not real name)
after typing you might see waht paclets it has, how many slots are open, etc...

Now once you are able to get small files to test all the previous things I mentioned you are ready for the big networks. There you will find rooms with 3000-5000 people with servers that have 30-50 slots available and they can reach unbelievable downlaoding speeds. Although the queues are sometimes high, it doesn't really matter because back when we set our dcc options we are able to accept files witout being in front of the computer.


Many times, people will offer you 0sec access if you serve. 0 sec access means access to stuff that is at top sites... SItes where only the 'cool hacker wannabees" get their stuff at, at maximum speeds anfd stuff.... Not worth it...

Most of the servers on IRC are hacked computers at dorms of colleges (unmetered, unrestricted upload) or other places. Noone in the tight mond would never agree to hsot on their machine illegal programs and waste terabytes of bandwidth every day.... Νο money is really being made in Irc networks.. it is just a race for the bigger, fastest and most secure network.

This should be enough information to get you started. If not then stick with kazaa :p

Who are these people?

A.) Organization

Believe it or not, these people are highly organized. For people I have met as young as 14, and as old as in their upper 50’s, they all act in the same mindset, keeping everything under control.

B.) Operaters

The leaders of the group, the big dogs. These people recruit the small people. They run the channel, set meetings, coordinate who does what, what bots get what warez, ect.

C) Scanners

The scum. These people usually don’t even have control over the channel; they are being used by the channel operators and hackers to get important information, which machines are vulnerable. These people don’t usually even know the dangers of scanning, or that they can easy be seen doing a mass scan of an entire subnet by most administrators. All they do, is scan constantly from their machines (or other hacked machines), and send the logs to the hackers.

D) Hackers

They don’t even deserve to be called it, but it’s legally what they are doing. These are the people that the scanners send the logs to. Once in their possession, they log into the machine, load the bot, start up the ftp server, secure it, and get out.

E) Fillers

This role may be undertaken by channel ops, or the hackers, or anyone else with access to a box with a fats connection, a dump site (usually hacked machine with good uptime, tosn of bandwidth, and tons of warez uploaded to it), or a topsite (legit sites hosted by some network admins to receive warez). They log into a ftp, then the hacked machine, and perform an FXP transfer, which is transferring from site to site. A common program to do this is FlashFXP, a legit program.

F) Leechers

The masses of people that join a channel (chat room) and download from the bots. They send a command to the bots, and the files are sent, or they are places in a send queue. The channels are more powerful if they have more leechers in their channel (easily thousands of people).

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