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how to recognize a Type R cam

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Can anyone tell me how i can recognize a type R cam. I wan to buy a set but i want to be sure i am not scammed and given Type S cams.... pls anyone ?
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well i called inline 4 and they said there isnt a way to distinguis. then he said well u can tell by the lobes they are different...and they arent..but i see in their picture ONE groove...
does ANYBODY have any updates on this matter???????
PbnJ said:
this post needs pics.

well in looking at that pic and comparing it to my Type-S cams sitting here, it's real hard to tell the difference. the Type-R VTEC lobes might have a little more material on the ramp approaching the peak, the Type-S ones are just a little bit flatter there. you'd have to have them side by side to see for sure.

they're probably ground on the same machine from the same cores. I'm with Nikos, a precision scale may show the Type-R ones being a tad heavier.
My 05's had a machined groove in the outer ring....just like the bseries. You cannot mistake it. I can take pics, but my cammera just died.

courtesy of LITTERBOX
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close up of an R cam

and as you can see in the pics from inline 4.... they also have a groove cut.
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the groove is a clear distinguishing factor but I've heard that not all R cams have it --
I guess if you were buying a set, you'd be safer looking for ones with the groove.
Well, I just wasted a lot of time comparing a set of type s cams and type r cams.. They look identical... The type r cams, has r3 and r1 and the type s cams have r2 and r1.. Other than that , they look the same.. Both of them have grooves..

At this point, unless you are buying them from someone you know, I would be careful...

Using precise instruments, you can see that the type r cams have taller lobes but the difference is not much and not everyone can see it...

I would take some pics but no point really.. They look the same..
did you try weighing them like you suggested before? there might be a few mg difference

the lift is the same so how can the lobes be any taller? or do you mean laterally
Damn so noone ever found a consistant marking on the cams to know which cams are which or tried weighing them?
rsxmachine said:
did you try weighing them like you suggested before? there might be a few mg difference

the lift is the same so how can the lobes be any taller? or do you mean laterally
Hmm that's a good idea...
bringing this thread back because I have Type-R intake cam sitting here along with Type-S cams... both intake cams weigh 1520 grams, I don't have a precise enough scale to see a small difference!

also the height of the VTEC lobe on both cams is exactly the same at 35.53-35.54 mm, as would be expected with the same amount of lift, and this matches the value in Ch.6 of the service manual. however, there is a tiny difference in the width of the lobe -- if I lock my caliper at 28.71 mm, it fits tightly over the Type-S lobe, but not the Type-R one. it is at least 0.05 mm wider (about the thickness of a human hair)

if you stare at them long enough you start to imagine that the Type-R lobes both low & high have a tiny bit more roundness to them on the ramp area. according to Crower & IPS it's only a few degrees more duration. it's about impossible to see any difference. can you tell which is which in this pic?


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the one on the left looks used, so I am guessing it came out of your RSX :p
I cant tell a difference between the two. At first the one on the right looked bigger, but the whole cam looks like it is just sitting a little higher.
The lobes of the right one seems to be a bit more aggresive but again it might be due to the slightly different view of angle from the pic.
actually the one on the right is from a 2004 Type-S, the one on the left is a 2002 Type-R! thus proving that we can't visually see the difference. the height of the VTEC lobes on both measure *exactly* the same, thus any difference will be in the shape/curvature of the lobe. should I try to take another pic?

I noticed that IPS' "Engineering" webpage shows the Type-R cam to have a little less lift on the low lobe. can that be correct???
I just bought these brand new ITR cams from clubrsx, I noticed the intake cam has a (R2) stamp on it and the exhaust cam has a (R3) stamp on it. I popped my 03 K20A2 valve cover, the motor is sitting on my garage floor so i sat there and kept turning the motor over until i can see the stamps on both camshafts, They were stamped (R5) and (R8). The cams are identical to the naked eye in my opinion cuz i couldnt tell the difference.

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the casting marks on the cores mean nothing, the same cores are used for grinding several types of cams.

in your 3rd pic you can see the telltale groove that is the only reasonably sure sign of Type-R cams.
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