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how to recognize a Type R cam

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Can anyone tell me how i can recognize a type R cam. I wan to buy a set but i want to be sure i am not scammed and given Type S cams.... pls anyone ?
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weight would be an easy way to tell, imo
Well, I just wasted a lot of time comparing a set of type s cams and type r cams.. They look identical... The type r cams, has r3 and r1 and the type s cams have r2 and r1.. Other than that , they look the same.. Both of them have grooves..

At this point, unless you are buying them from someone you know, I would be careful...

Using precise instruments, you can see that the type r cams have taller lobes but the difference is not much and not everyone can see it...

I would take some pics but no point really.. They look the same..
Yeah, if you have a set of cams, just use them... and hope for the best.. No sense into wasting money to find out what they are. My .02
1 - 4 of 70 Posts
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